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Hi All,
I had a stress test and echo on the same day. Stress test EF was 72% and echo EF was 54%. I noticed this when going over the reports months later. The 54% had ? ? next to it but Dr never mentioned the dif. He just had the nurse call to say all is normal. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks. Junzie

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Hi! From what I've been told, both 54% and 72% EF fall within the "normal" range. When my heart problem was first diagnosed, my EF was checked via stress test, ECHO, and angiogram. I remember the doc saying that the angiogram measurement was considered the most accurate of the three. Mine varied from test to test but ony by 2-3% points then (21-24%). Over the ensuing 6 years, via annual ECHOs mine has varied from 30% to 55% to 73% to my latest in November of 65%. I think as long as the numbers are within range, the docs don't worry about it. Like blood pressure and many other functions in our bodies, there needs to be flexibiity to respond to varying needs. At least that makes some sense to me ! laurali

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52% is still in the normal range. The ?? might be next to it as just something to keep an eye on should it fall further.

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There can be tremendous variance between different tests, especially echo depending on the skill of the technician and the ease of getting the proper view. If the reading from the stress test was from a nuclear perfusion scan, I'd be inclined to give it more credence. If both were from echos, most likely you are somewhere in between. I wouldn't worry unless you or your doctor notice increasing symptoms of heart failure. Then repeat test could be done. Probably nothing at all to worry about.

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Wow. I didn't know that there could be variations like that. Thanks to all who replied. I really appreciate it. AND, that EF's can get higher with improved health. Encouraging.

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