Effient vs Plavix: no adverse side effects!

Wow! I can hardly believe it. My new cardiologist started me on Effient, 10MG once a day. He wanted me to try it for a few days before I go in for a cath next week because I'm unable to stay conscious on Plavix plus Effient is touted as causing fewer strong side effects. Took my first dose last night and so far I can't discern any side effects at all. Huge huge relief. I can now take a blood thinner for the first time in 13 years!

Aspirin and NSAIDs are also out of bounds for me due to immediate intestinal bleeds caused by these compounds. Any person with GI sensitivity, ulcers should steer clear of aspirin. Analgesics, ibuprophen can burn holes in the stomach and intestinal lining.

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Just asked cjngrl too ... truly no stomach upset?

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Dear Jaynie,

So GLAD to hear you have found a blood thinner that sounds like it might work for you. This alone should offer you greater peace of mind.

Please let us know if it alleviates any of your physical symptoms. And good luck on that cath--

May the Blessings Be!


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Hi Jaynie
I am also on effient(since last summer). I was put on it because you can take it with omeprazole. I noticed right away that I was having some bruising which I was happy to see because I realized that I had not had them when taking plavix along with omeprazole. So I kind of came to my own conclusion that the plavix was not working and all the time I had been taking it with omeprazole! Boy oh boy!
I don't notice any new side effects since on the effient. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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I'm only on day 2 but still no side effects, no bruising yet. I take the omeprazole in the morning, Effient at night.


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Hi Jaynie, no side-effects, great news, and good luck to you on cath day from me too!
lidia xx

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I am so happy that so far the new medication is working. You have so many problems, it is about time you got a break. Keep us posted. Kareno

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I have been taking effient since Sept 09 and I have not had any side effects thus far...some bruising which I agree with MMUFF, that's a good sign that its working. I'm just hoping that I make it past a year post angio/cath without heart issues...that will give me hope that this drug may be the one. We will see and I will keep everyone posted.

By the way, best wishes with your cath, I'm sure all will good well!

Peace and Blessings to my heart sisters

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hi there DonnaP,

" I'm just hoping that I make it past a year post angio/cath without heart issues...that will give me hope that this drug may be the one. We will see and I will keep everyone posted"

Yes, please do keep us posted. Sounds like you are doing really well so far. Effient is new enough that we could benefit from hearing from more women about their experiences.

take good care,

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Hi Kareno,

Long time no hear from you!! I've missed your posts. Thanks for the good wishes. Now that I'm having such no problemo results with the Effient, I'm also greatly encouraged that the Thursday cath, which is to open my 2 completely blocked stents, is going to leave me feeling much better.....and just in time for spring!! I want to plant the prettiest flower garden ever. It's already a bird friendly habitat too.

NASA Pants will be signing on to relay my status if the heart damage is too extensive for cath and I go straight to bypass. With 30 percent of my heart muscle now dead this is a possibility. If it is only stents, I'll be home and back online a few days after.

Good to hear from you,

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Many thoughts and prayers will be with you next week for your cath and recovery! You have such a positive attitude which helps you and us tremendously. I've started planning my garden already, and am looking for the Snowdrops to poke up through all this snow. Gardens and beaches, are the best heart medicine for me :)

Do you mind telling if you are on disability and, if so, where to start and what the criteria of eligibility for a heart patient is?

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Hi MIsurvivor,

"Do you mind telling if you are on disability and, if so, where to start and what the criteria of eligibility for a heart patient is?"

I'm not on disability although I've been unable to work the past 3 years due to heart fatigue. After a year and a half of hoping that being able to stay home and rest might help my heart improve (it didn't), I gave up and applied for SSD. Denied almost immediately. Too young, 52. I appealed, also denied. Apparently you need at least one doctor in your corner and none of mine have ever acknowleged the extent of my cardiac damage. I worked 10 years beyond the worst heart attack full time.

Best of luck to you and thank you for the kind message,

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If all goes well with you being on Effient, has your doctor said if you are on it for life? I am doing well on it; however, I do have to shave my legs very slooowly. When doc confirms if I stay on it for life (and not just one year post-stent), I am going to purchase a really nice electric shaver. :)

If I have more heart problems, I do believe I have a cardiac doc in my corner; however, it still seems next to impossible to get SSD unless you're a day away from death. (which forcing someone to work is also speeding up the process) I am only 50, so I don't know if age plays a factor or not.

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Hi M,

An electric shaver...what a great idea. Oh yes, I'm on Effient for life and glad to do so.

take care,

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Hi Jaynie, So glad that Effient is going well for you. I hope all will go really well with your cath. You are such a strong positive presence here. I really appreciate all that you give us. Sue

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Thank you sue922 and everyone,

I'm feeling calmer as the date nears....I'm in excellent hands this time around : )


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Jayne, So glad to hear you are doing well. I have problems with asprin/bleeding stomach etc. I will talk to my dr. about Effient. I will be praying for you and your cath. With your good cholesterol numbers and new meds, dr. and attitutude, I bet everything goes well. You will be planting that garden before you know it. You are a gift to us and we all appreciate your positive attitude and information. Thank you and Good Luck Chris

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Thanks Chris,

If the temps EVER rise above the 20s here, I may actually get to start on that garden : ) I'm having lunch with a good friend and doing my best to stay relaxed. It's been 10 years since my last cath so I'm apprehensive. But the hospital has totally renovated since then and I'll be curious to see how things operate in the 21st century.

I'll check in on the other side of this.


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Hi Jaynie,
I just read that you were to have a cath yesterday. I hope that all went well and they could do the stents. You were so nice to answer my first post after joining recently and welcoming me to this support group. I read your background and you have had so many problems. I hope all went well yesterday.

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