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I had a heart attack 10 weeks ago and had 2 stents installed. Have been on Effient and low dose aspirin since, as well as other meds i.e. BP meds etc. Anyway as luck would have it I cracked a tooth that is now vertically broken and getting slightly infected. The dental surgeon wanted me to stop the Effient for a week prior to surgery. The cardiologist (who was filling in for my regular cardiologist who was out/town) left me a voice message that I must NOT stop the Effient and I CANNOT have any dental procedure done. Yikes! What does one do now?? Has anyone had any experience with dental work while on the blood thinners? I just don't know what to do...... :(

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I'm on coumadin which is a different blood thinner regiment but going to the dentist is always "interesting." Heparin is an injectable anticoagulant. Over the years if I need the protection of an anticoagulant but need to go off my coumadin for a procedure I work with my cardiologist. He decides how much to take and for how long. (Heparin is injected and at first my husband did the shots becaue he's been Type I diabetic for over 40 years and the shots didn't creep him out. Later, when he was traveling and I had to have shots, I made the choice to do my own.) It's REALLY not that bad when you think of the consequences of not being covered.

Here's my suggestion to you: call your cardiology practice back. They need to come up with a plan of what your best option is. To say you can't have dental work done is not an option because dental health is closely tied to heart health. Be polite, but persistant.

I needed to find a new dentist after my original one kept screwing things up (long story). I called our local dental surgeon who is fabulous and I told the nurse I needed to talk to him when he had a chance. He called me back and I told him my heart history. Then I said, "Now let's pretend I'm your wife. Who would my dentist be?" He immediately came up with a guy who is AMAZING! We are a team and now I know that aspect of my life as a heart patient is in good hands. You need the same level of care.
Wishing you the best, Rudy

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Hi -

I had been on effient for 5 months and needed a root canal. Cardiologist gave the OK. I did not stop the effient and I did not need an antibiotic. All went well.

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i will share my story with all of you, i had my first heart attack after dental work .i hour later i was in the hospital, not knowing i had anything wrong with my heart . i was 58 at the time . a wonderful cardio saved my life. dental work is not a simple procedure for heart patients

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Thank you everyone. I'm feeling more at peace about the whole thing. Having a heart condition sure makes one careful all of a sudden. Have a beautiful evening.

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I had a root canal and an extracted tooth and I have been on Effient for over 2 years now. Never missed a dose. It did take quite a while longer to stop the bleeding from my tooth extraction and I did have to resort to putting a tea bag on the extracted tooth area for the bleeding to stop but it's not like blood was gushing out. It was a slow bleed until it eventually stopped.

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Hi Elona,
I had a SCAD/MI in August 2010, and had two stents placed in my left circumflex artery. I am on effient and low dose aspirin as well. I had some dental work done a few months after my MI, I think it was a crown, and my dentist had me take amoxicillin an hour before the appt. I actually take it before every dentist appt, even cleanings. It is posted in my file at the dentist's office. They say the risk of infection is greatest during a regular cleaning. I hope this helps!

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yes i to take amoxicillin before dental work, 4 caps i hour before.

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I am on effient, 325mg aspirin and a host of other medications and I have had root canals, crowns, etc done. However, they did say they would not do anything until I was 6 months out from my heart attack.

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Thanks Julie. I was finally able to talk directly to my cardiologist yesterday who also called and spoke to my dental surgeon and I went in this morning and had my infected tooth extracted. Everything seemed to go pretty well although it took longer for the bleeding to stop, but the surgeon put a stitch in to help with that. Shish - am I glad that's done! Thank you to everyone who responded. It's such a comfort to connect with others out there who've been in the same situation and have experience and wisdom with these things. I'm new to this site but am really loving it. Wishing everyone well.............

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