ear pain related to heart problems?

**Originally posted by user glosail 05/04/2006 : 13:39:37 **

I have been having sharp ,right ear pain ,infrequently, which last for a few moments. I heard somewhere that , it could be related to my heart. I have been diagnosed with high choleteral, etc. and have been having some quick sharp pains in the chest every once in a while. Could sharp ear pain indicate worsening heart problems? I have not had a hart attack as of yet.

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**Originally posted by user stelladubach 05/06/2006 : 09:41:22 **

Please go to your Dr right away. Symptoms are different for many people.

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You need to talk to your dr. about the ear pain. Not only is that a symptom, so is your teeth becoming sensitive. Back pain, shoulder pain, chest pain or kind of under the arms, better get it checked out.
Being a woman the dr.s' didn't look very hard for heart trouble in me, so I went several years without any treatment. Just recently I had an occassion where I collasped, and before that I had ear pain, jaw pain, back pain, all this for several weeks, oh, and sensitive teeth, also not sleeping at night was another of my symptoms. Please insist your dr. do something to check your heart.

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