Dr.Chauncey Crandall

Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Crandall's books or newletters regarding heart disease prevention and reversal????I've been doing some reading up and he seems to pop up regularly. Just looking for some others insights before spending any hard earned money on his publications. Thanks.

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Isn't he the guy who claims he can bring heart attack victims back from the dead by praying over their bodies?

Save your money. I'd recommend instead cardiologist Dr. John Mandrola's wise advice about heart disease, like 'Exercise on the days you plan to eat!" or "Eat less, eat better!" and of course "DO NOT SMOKE!" More at: "Do You Know What Causes Heart Disease?" at http://myheartsisters.org/2011/03/06/what-causes-heart-disease/


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For the record, I just joined up this morning and am thrilled to have a support group. Anyway, I don't know about that book, but there is one called "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease", by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn. Dr. Esselstyn essentially puts his patients on a vegan diet, without any oils. He says don't eat anything "if it has a mother or a face." I have been following it for the most part. Cooking without oil is very difficult, but cutting out meat has been easy. Of course, I do live in New York City, where I can find almost anything..... Another wonderful book is called "The China Study", by Colin and Thomas Campbell. It's not a diet book, but it talks all about how our diet affects diseases - it was a huge study in China, which, for example, showed how people who stuck to plant based diets had virtually no heart disease, while in the next village over, they ate meat and did have heart disease. Anyway, sorry for rambling, but these two books have really changed my life. i still am struggling with my illness, most recently another stent and now microvascular disease. Maybe I'll check out your book. Yours in health, Shelley

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Its always sad to welcome someone new to our group but the reality is the heart disease exists and there are plenty of us who need support, guidance and to just have somewhere to blow off steam. I'll check out the book you recommended "The China Study". I'm sorry to hear that you've had additional problems and hope you feel better soon. I had my heart attack in February with 2 stents implanted in the LAD and I'm still struggling with fatigue, chest pain, depression and anxiety. It's a day to day thing. Today the heat and humidity are really bothering me so I'm locked in the only room with ac, our office. I'll be glad when fall gets here and we'll all be more comfortable. Take care and keep us updated on your progress.

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I just printed out a bunch of his free reports from a link I saw on ABC.com, under Good Morning America. He seems to have great information (nothing too new to me since my husband is a nutrtionist) but the free reports have a lot of what he has to offer. I think his newsletter is a little redundant...but I know how it is with heart issues now...you just want to keep reading things and getting as much cutting edge info as you can to prevent any future incidents...here is my link to the free reports...i don't know if it will work for you because I did have to sign up and give a credit card to get this...but even if it doesn't work it may lead you to where you may be able to find them:


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More warnings from a previous post at http://www.inspire.com/groups/womenheart/discussion/dr-chauncey-crandall-1/

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