Did I have a heart attack this morning?

This morning at 1am I woke up suddenly I have no idea why. My heart wasn't racing but I thought for sure I was dying. My left hand was asleep but I had also been laying on it :o( I burst into tears and immediately started writing letters to all my family, my baby girl etc. by 4:30am this morning I had 20 hand written pages done complete with my Obituary and Last Wishes. I didn't have any chest pain or real shortness of breath (other than when the crying became hysterical) but I did have that stubborn cramp thats been coming and going in my left shoulder for weeks.

Could it have been a heart attack or an anxiety attack? I've haven't had an anxiety attack this bad in years if that's what it was. I just give up.

I'm on Celexa and Ativan.

Thanks all

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Good Morning Elizabeth!
I hope this note finds you are feeling better about everything right now. It sounds like you had more of an anxiety attack, but I am not a doctor, but I DO suffer from anxiety/panic attacks and what you had sounds very similar to mine. If you are unsure, I would call your primary doc to be seen. Better to be safe than sorry, right?
Anxiety is a terrible feeling. Being i have LQT2 and am status post ICD/PM implant i am unable to take the "normal" meds to help. Xanax helps, but i wish i could be on something that will keep me even at all times.
Keep me posted. Hope you are feeling better and get some rest today.


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Hi Elizabeth, I agree with Debi. You really are suffering badly though aren't you? I do feel for you, I think you need to get this sorted, get out there and book a scan, take charge okay? You need peace of mind. Once you're sure your heart is fine perhaps you could get some counselling? You really do need some support through all this, if the only thing that's running through your mind 24/7 is the belief that you're going to die you must feel truly dreadful, it's not a good way to live life but it's obviously something you have no control over, you need to take charge and you need to get some help you really do.
Big cyber hugs and please try and make today the day you take your first step towards sorting this out, don't let this fear ruin your life, please.
Grace x

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Thank you both. I definitely need to do something. Things seem to be getting worse instead of better. After my separation in October I moved back in with my parents who are wonderful but have no clue about anxiety. When they seen me crying this morning they both said "You have to get over this". :o( I actually cried in front of my baby girl this morning and she wiped my tears off my face. I swore I would NEVER let her see me in that state. I'm trying to get into my GP this afternoon. Thanks again.

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Hi Elizabeth, you have to remember this is not your fault. Getting over it is easier said then done, oh if only life were that simple! You need help just the same as if it were any other medical problem, millions of people go through this, you're not alone and it's not your fault okay? bad enough that your suffering like this, don't beat yourself up and pile on the guilt as well! Be kind to yourself, you'll get over it I'm sure, this is just a stage in your life, one day it'll just be a distant memory!
Have a look at this link, it may help.
Love Grace x


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Hi Elizabeth - Good luck getting in to your GP today. If for any reason you cannot see your GP today, I would suggest you go immediately to your local Emergency Room. You may need to be admitted for a comprehensive mental health assessment.

It does take time for Celexa to start to take effect on the body. Your Ativan should work pretty quickly though. Did you try taking one during the night? Your hospital assessment would incude consideration of a more effective anti-anxiety medication.

People who have never personally suffered from depression or anxiety have no clue how to relate to somebody who is depressed or anxious. That's likely why your parents are having a hard time understanding why you can't just 'get over it'.

What you are describing is, as you say, likely NOT heart-related. But the anxiety you describe is debilitating.

Take care - keep us posted...

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Oh Grace,

LOVE the darling new CHarlie Santa pix! : ) He is impossibly adorable!!


I hope all that writing is helping you hang on. Please let us know if your doctor got you in to see someone helpful. You are dealing with so much all at once and it can be remarkably helpful to talk to someone neutral (professional) about it.

Let us hear from you soon,

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Thanks Jaynie,

He's so laid back and calm, always smiling never cries, as long as he's fed and cuddled, just like his dad, actually, just like most men!
Hope all is good in your life,
Hugs Grace x

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Dear Grace,

He certainly is a cutey.........love the photo.

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hi elizabeth.

I agree with the gals above - you do need to see your GP and also try to speak with someone. anxiety and panic is nothing to shrug your shoulders at. I KNOW first hand!!! i certainly agree with kennarina - if someone has not gone thru depression, anxiety and panic attacks, they have NO clue what is going on or how to deal with it. "it's all in your head" is what i kept hearing. very frustrating. definitely speak with someone. it does help. the meds they give you though usually take weeks to a month to really kick in. ativan is a good helper during that "in between" time period.

it is wonderful we have this outlet to speak our minds, let our tears roll and ask questions. i appreciate it and am so happy to have found this group of women!

please keep us posted. big giant hugs to you and your daughter. i hope you can have a peaceful and restful weekend.


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Elizabeth...please rest assured that you are not at fault for the way you feel. Talk to your doctor, and if he/she gives you a clean bill of heart health (is that a term?) just try to enjoy your life with your baby. And please see if you can get some help for the anxiety. That is no way to live your life.
I am sending you CYBER hugs!! It will be okay!

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I urge you to please seek medical attention. Emergency Room would be a great start and make sure that run cardiac enzmes

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All I can say is DITTO!

We are waiting to hear if you got in to your DOC of if you went to the ER.


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Good morning everyone

I went to the ER yesterday they ran an EKG and the Cardiac Ensymes and everything is fine. Maybe all this is anxiety related I'm still really not sure.

Thank you so much for your responses and advice I truly do appriecate each and every one of you.


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