Cyruta Plus supplements?


does anyone have any experience with cyruta supplements? my chiropractor is recommending them for capillary fragility b/c i am a SCAD survivor.


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Had not heard of this, but did some research. Here is a link to a description of the product by the manufacturer: Public/Lit/TabSheets/cyrutaplus3325.pdf
Note that the active ingredients are buckwheat, buckwheat leaf juice extract, and bovine adrenal "Cytosol" extract. The "Cytosol" with the trademark is confusing. The word cytosol refers to the liquid portion of a cell. I think it is probably safe to say they are squeezing the juice out of or grinding cow adrenal glands. Here is a link to Mayo Clinic describing adrenal extract as a supplement: ACT.aspx?activeIngredientId=941&activeIngredientName=ADRENAL%20EXTRACT

Here's my take on this. The manufacturer claims to have 300 mg of buckwheat (combined whole buckwheat and the juice extract). That's not much when you think about what you are supposed to be getting from the buckwheat. They do make claims about some of the micronutrients in it having anti-oxidant properties. They claim the soluble and insoluble fiber is beneficial. It is, but when you are aiming for at least 25 GRAMS (25,000 milligrams) a day, the amount in that 300 mg isn't going very far. I have great reservation about ingesting adrenal glands from slaughtered animals. Mayo makes a good presentation of the evidence to date. I am not clear what they claim this material is doing for you.

Personally, I would not spend money on it, but then I am poor. To increase soluble and insoluble fiber, you can't beat eating whole grains. This means oatmeal, buckwheat (flour or groats- not technically a grain, but close enough), brown rice, etc. The less processed the better. If you can afford organic, great! Antioxidants are found in fresh fruits and vegetables in amounts far greater than in any pill. Also you can supplement with fish oil or flax oil relatively inexpensively and these do have some scientific evidence. Then there's always red wine if you like it, in moderation of course.

The choice is yours. I hope you found this breakdown of the info helpful.

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I have used standard process cyruta plus............
I also have the erks reservations about eating parts of animals etc.

and trying to stay away from grains........... joeseph marcola preaches against grains

my naturopath lady said cyruta plus cleans your arteries.

so does pomegranite prolysine c and proline........ Look up hanna kroeger website and she has a very thin book for athersclerosis ............... talking about chromium etc. its included in her circuflow.............which can be found at vitacost for less $$$$

I absolutely LOVE the feet were hurting top and side etc.
after a few days on Ligaplex 1............ the tendons started acting right and stopped hurting so I can walk on my foot.

if you have any foot pain. ligaplex 1 or 2 ................2 is for when it just starts acute not chronic foot pain.

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