Crestor Side Effects???

Good Monday Morning - I started taking Crestor 10mg. in March and have since been gaining weight very quickly for me. I keep a close eye on my weight, and recently every week I have put on another pound. Trying to increase exercise and watch what I eat, but keeps increasing. Seems mostly to be in the stomach area. Last night it dawned on me that this started happening after starting Crestor. I also experienced ankle pain, which subsided after starting COQ-10. Have been having active dreams and various abdominal aches and pains. Have any of you had problems specifically with Crestor?? Has anyone found an alternative way to lower cholesterol?? Thanks - Robin

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Hi Robin,

I just started Crestor last week, 20mg. Will let you know if there is any weight increase on my end.
So far, so good. As I approached 50, weight began building around my abdomen instead of rear and thighs....Very weird profile to get used to. : ) Gotta watch every other bite!

take care,


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Hi Robin,

Sorry, hit post instead of preview on the reply above, I hope this link helps, there are plenty of people there who have been taking Cestor.
I piled on the pounds too.
Grace x

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Hi Robin

Thankful you started this discussion. I have been slowly gaining and don't need the extra ounces much less pounds! I started Crestor in March as well and I'm up 2 pounds. I started Renexa, Plavix and Benacor (sp) at the same time so I had no specific to help pin point the weight gain. I was thinking it was anxiety. Grace, thanks for the link, I'm headed there now.

Blessings Terric

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I too have gained some weight since taking Crestor. I didn't make the connection. I have, I hate to say it, also become very constipated since taking it. Anyone having that problem? I only take 5mg. daily because I have had problems with all the other statins. Kareno

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Robin, I started a discussion here about weight gain and statins - for me it's simvistatin. I put on 14 pounds around my middle in 10 months despite a heart-healthy diet and regular exercise. There's definitely a connection. . .does anyone's doc offer a solution?

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Thanks for the response and Grace for the link. I had found that site earlier, which really started me to thinking. Call it vanity, but I just cannot accept the extra weight (goes back to very controlling and perfectionist parents). I do want to control my cholesterol and have heard that red rice yeast (?) will help. Anyone had luck with that? Funny that a med that is suppose to help with HD will contribute to middle weight gain, which is known to increase HD risks??? When I mentioned the weight gain to my GYN, she just said welcome to the middle age club!!! Thanks, that helps!! Let me know if you find a good alternative. - Robin P.S. - Hollyc - I'll search the site for your prev. discussion (just being lazy). Thanks

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Hi All,

Just another bit of info, my husband was a very fit football ref and had a 34inch waist ever since I met him. His statin side-effects were put down to Spondilitis, Arthiritis Rheumatism and Reynauds, general middle-age wear and tear basically. All this happened after his MI, like aging on a fast-forward setting. He also expanded around the middle and developed a belly. Since cutting his statin dose 9 months ago and adding CQ10 almost all his pains have gone, along with his belly. This last weekend he wore his 34 inch waist jeans for the 1st time in 6 years. My husband doesn't do diets, believe me!
Grace x

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Since Feb I have gained over 15+ lbs. Before Feb I had lost close to 30 lbs (took me a year to lose it!) Right after I got out of the hospital, I noticed I was gaining weight at an extremely fast rate. There was no way I was eating enough to gain that much. I remember reading about one of the meds I was on and one of the side effects was weight gain. I figured it was a combination of the meds & quitting smoking. And I have to be honest with myself, I've been eating everything I can get in my mouth. Now, I am just trying to eat healthy and get some exercise in everyday. If the weight comes back off great. If I just maintain, I will be OK with that. If I continue to gain, oh well. Thank goodness I didn't get rid of the larger size clothes yet.

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talk about weight gain and a big somach. Yikes! I was on my way to losing weight (after a heart attack) when all of a sudden my weight started coming back on (around my middle of all bad places) with a bloating fealing. I have gained 20 lbs and cannot get rid of it.

Now I am getting soreness in my knees and infrequent leg muscle aches during the night.

After being on Crestor 2 years now I am attributing it to that, My cardiologist is no help and neither is my general practitioner as they say it is normal. NORMAL? WEIGHT GAIN FOR A HEART PATIENT?

Of course my cholesterol is where the drs want it but what about my overall health? At 71 yrs old should I really care?

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I've noticed that question about statins tend to crop up every couple months around here.

I had to stop taking Lipitor in July 08 because it was lowering my LDL numbers at the expense of my HDL numbers. My doc then switched me over to Crestor 20 mg - LDL numbers are now HALF of my former levels, and HDL numbers are well up.

No side effects at all. None, including weight gain.

I should add that before just taking my doctor's word for it and switching to Crestor, I researched it to death in every scientific study I could find (in my usual obsessive fashion!) I did not find any mention of weight gain as a Crestor side effect (except anecdotally, like here).

But I'd have some questions first before pinning the blame on Crestor: like what OTHER meds are you taking? It's unusual for heart patients to be taking ONLY a statin - most of us take a fist full of cardiac drugs every day. Question #2: as Trish says above: "....I have to be honest with myself, I've been eating everything I can get in my mouth...." - what and how much are you eating? For example, I went crazy at first over the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet because I loved its recommendation of five whole grains every single day - but that many carbs means definite weight gain for me, so I've had to settle down and reduce those whole grain servings! Question #3: some anti-depressants are well known to cause weight gain (as if we're not depressed ENOUGH!) Question #4: could anxiety be part of the issue? Anxiety can promote poor eating choices and reduced activity levels. Question #4: isn't it considered 'normal' especially for women to gradually thicken around the middle as we age? One visit to my mother's seniors residence can confirm that! There are no slim waistlines in those 70+ gals.

And a final cautionary word: remember that these online rate-your-meds / rate your prof / rate your doctor websites tend to be seriously skewed towards negative responses because they always attract those who have a complaint rather than those who are perfectly content with the meds/prof/doc so can't be bothered even checking out sites like this. The link posted above, for example, starts with a flaming attack on Crestor describing it as the worst drug known to man. Well, really....

This is the same phenomenon seen in politics: a community referendum - no matter what the topic - is statistically more likely to FAIL than to PASS, did you know that? Naysayers apparently feel more of a need to make an effort to put in their two cents worth than those who are well satisfied. Human nature. So please take these non-scientific 'ratings' with a grain of salt.


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Well Kennarina, what you posted is right and wrong. You may have researched Crestor and it does lower cholesterol but are you SURE that what you researched is correct as to side affects?

Weight gain can be a side affect but those who developed Crestor and tested it may not have consider this a side affect.

You see, these forums are a way of giving people an idea of a condition that MAY occur but not meant to be like a doctors advice. As a matter of fact I have gone against a doctors advice many times and it proved helpful. Remember Bacol and now Zetia?

NOW, I see where you were on Lipitor and had to be taken off. Did you research and find that it would lower your HDL?

My wife went on statins and has gained weight with no change in diet. Weight gain 20 lbs + and when she went off of stains she immediately lost 5 lbs.

Statins don't make you gain weight? COMON!

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I ahve been taking Crestor for over 1 1/2 yrs. now. I started out with 10mg and when I started having muscle aches they reduced it to 5 and I haven't had any problems since. Constipation is a problem for me and I had this problem with Zocor. I try to have flax seed(ground) with yogurt daily to help with that. Take Care Chris

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Like Kennarina, I am on 20mg of Crestor which I take as 10mg, 10mg, 20mg on rotating days just to keep the muscle aches at bay. I have been on Crestor for over 2 years. I started with Lipitor but could not tolerate the drastic side effects on my muscles. Although I do have mild muscle aches, I've experienced NO weight gain whatsoever. I've kept a stable, healthy weight for 6 years after a 25 pound weight loss only because I continue to watch what I eat and how much I eat, and I remain moderately active. I agree that there are other meds that are taken for various reasons that are likely a contributing culprit to weight gain, but I would never have contributed that particular side effect to Crestor. That, of course, is my own experience.


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<< "... those who developed Crestor and tested it may not have consider this a side affect..." >>

All prescription drugs list side effects that MAY occur. These warnings are legally required and are posted if clinical trials on the drugs reveal that at least 1% of trial patients report that specific side effect. This doesn't mean that an unlisted side effect may not occur - it just means that it happens for fewer than 1% of participants.

Please re-read Nancy's post above. There are literally millions of heart patients successfully taking statins without this side effect (or any other, like myself) while successfully addressing cholesterol levels, and of those millions there are bound to be a number who are also gaining weight.

<< "...NOW, I see where you were on Lipitor and had to be taken off. Did you research and find that it would lower your HDL? " >>

Nope -- at the time I started Lipitor, I was hospitalized in the CCU feeling fairly overwhelmed after surviving a major heart attack. Didn't know anything about heart disease, cholesterol or much of anything at the time. It's only during my recuperation that I've become keen on studying scientific research and medical journals.

By the way, is your wife also a member of this WomenHeart group - or just you?


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I take crestor 5mg every other day! Way to strong for me! And take Q10 the days I don't take crestor. I haven't gained any weight on it but I take Topral XL, that is the drug that puts the belly fat on you. Crestor works great dropped my LDL by 78 points in 6 weeks! I am only going to take it till I reach my ldl of 70, I am on a strick low cholesterol diet! Red meat once a week, no pig, watch all my trans fats, and eat oatmeal every morning! I hate meds but I guess I will have to continue with some of them a while longer! Good Luck Ladies!!

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Hello Trish...I believe we all keep different size clothes in case our weight goes up or down. Life's a bit*h isn't it?
I have been on metroprolol since I had a heart attack in July and have been gaining weight.
Well, I have an appointment coming up soon with my dr. and I want to see if he can give me something else. It does say on the pharmacy package...may cause unexplained weight gain. What kills me is that I should be like twiggy the way I eat. Maybe it is because I have hypothyroidism and am 60 years of age now.....Go figure lol!!!

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OK Kennarina, maybe this will give you something to think about. You mentioned the legal requirements etc and fewer than 1%.

Two things, one, IT COULD HAPPEN if even less than 1% had it occur and that 1% could be represented here.

Two, I was in a study for Crestor. After I went off the study my weight gain and leg pain started.

Therefore, the adverse symptoms can happen, do happen, it both men and women and don't try to diminish that.

Maybe you don't like to hear the negaive side but sometimes it is necessary so one can make choices.

By the way, you realize, as I am sure you have read, that Crestor (could) be bad for your liver. Had yours checked lately? I have mine checked every 3 months. You realize that Crestor is taken world wide so that those posting here represent just a fractional percentage of people taking the drug and were never in a study.

My point is don't underestimate what is being said in this forum.

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I have only been taking Crestor for about 2 months now and I have had a weight gain of 15 lbs since I started. I am on no other medications and I am a relatively healthy eater (red meat once a month tops - oatmeal every morning - fruit and veggies throughout the day) and I exercise 5 days a week (30 min treadmill and 30min Wii Fit :) ). Before taking Crestor I had been the same weight for almost 11 years but I notice that my stomach is huge now. I can't get any pants to fit properly and my baggy sweatshirts are becoming tight. I have recently started a longer exercise program (45 min of each and an extra 15 minute walk outdoors) but I have lost nothing in the past 3 weeks and actually gained about 7 lbs. i am thinking of going off the Crestor and starting on a supplement that is available through Jameison vitamins. My bad cholesterol level is the only issue (it is 5.8) and as far as my doctor is concerned it is a family problem. I hate taking any type of medication and I feel that my doctor was too quick to put me on this one. I don't like the blood tests for the liver issues (my blood does not part company with me easily and both times so far I have been black and blue after the collection on over half of my arm). I think, for me, this medication was a bad choice.

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I realize that you requested Crestor related problems. I am not on Crestor but my mother was taking it until after I recently was hospitalized for "Water Intoxication" and " Statin induced Rhabdomyolosis". I almost died from this serious reaction. My doctors have taken me off of Zocor and Tricor and now they have me on Omega 3 Fish Oil and Co-Enzyme Q 10. After this happened to me the doctor took my mom off of Crestor as she had been having more muscle pain especially in her legs, along with edema. She had only been on Crestor for a short period of time but I had been on my statin drug for at least 7 years. I always have had regular blood-work done at least every 3 months. Nothing showed up in the bloodwork to make my doctors suspect anything was wrong with taking the statin drugs. It was hard to tell if my leg pain was due to my auto-immune diseases ( RA, FM, SLE Lupus, or the Avascular Necrosis in my hip joints.) My pain did increase for several months prior to the Rhabdomyolosis, but the doctors just thought I was getting used to my pain medication. So a lot of serious damage has now been done to my leg muscles and kidneys. My weight gain was edema that "pooled" very rapidly around my abdomen, upper thighs, and buttocks. The only other statin drug that I have taken was Lipitor, to which I had a reaction very quickly. I thought I was doing fine on the Zocor (simvastatin). I don't know if anything in my message will be helpful or not. I do wish you all the best.

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