I've been on coumadin for 2 years now and my INR range is 2.5 to 3.5. I had it checked last week and it was 3.6 so they will just monitor it. I nicked my leg last night while shaving and it is still bleeding some. I've had to change my bandaid 8 times already so then I just used gauge (doubled up) and taped it. Has anyone had this happen to them and what did you do?

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Try putting a wet tea bag on it and hold it there for a while. Ace bandage the tea bag to the cut if you have to to hold it there until the bleeding stops.

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Small surface cuts like those from shaving are usually not a problem for those taking anticoagulants. A bit of pressure applied to the cut should be all it takes to stop the bleeding. Coumadin slows your clotting time; it does not prevent your blood from clotting, and the difference in the time needed for your blood to clot compared to a person not taking Coumadin is probably about 20 seconds. Any minor surface cut to the skin should respond well to some pressure and stop bleeding in a reasonable amount of time.

I sliced my finger on the blade of a food processor not long ago and it looked like a deep cut. I held pressure on it for about 5 minutes and it was fine.

The concern with Coumadin is not surface cuts, but internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can be more difficult to control and possibly go undetected if it does not result directly from a known injury. Surface cuts to the skin can usually be managed with pressure on the cut, if not, some stitches may be needed.

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I'm on coumadin 13 years.
I once had a speck of skin hanging off the edge of my upper lip. Just thought I'd pull that sucker off and be done with it. The problem was I was driving to what I thought was a radio interview. When I got there, I found out the interview was on both radio and cable TV. The second problem was that my lip was still bleeding. As the host asked me questions, and I had to move my mouth to answer questions and the bleeding became a gusher. I could hardly keep from laughing my socks off, cause I could feel and taste the blood that was oozing into my mouth. The station was not happy.
As I drove home I turned the radio on to that station and a caller kept saying, "Did you see that lady? She was bleeding. I'm mean really BLEEDING!"
I was still bleeding when my husband came home from work. He took out a spytic pen and stopped it with one swipe.
I was speaking on women and heart disease. I've never been invited back!
Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

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I'm on plavix and aspirin daily. I got so tired of putting pressure bandages on tiny nicks from shaving my legs. I have switched over to an electric razor to shave my legs and no longer have the problem. Just a little food for thought. Shamrock

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It finally stopped! I was absolutely amazed at the amount of blood just from a little nick. I'll be extra careful from now on. Thanks for the response.

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Now Rudy, that was a situation to be in. Glad you have a sense of humor.

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As the interview continued, every time I said a word starting with "p" (like "prevent", "protect" - and we were talking heart disease, so there were "p" words that needed to be said) little droplets of blood would spray out. A few even landed on my microphone. The producer snuck me a box of tissues from under the table because blood was pooling, getting ready to drip off my chin! It was a small-town, hokum version of some guest walking out on "The View" moments after being stabbed in the face!
I see it as God having the sense of humor. I'm just along for the ride!
Have a great day. Rudy

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I was going to suggest investing in a styptic pen or powder. I manage to nick myself every time I shave and it comes in very handy!

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I just bought a product the other day from CVS called Wound Seal. I cut about 1/4 of an inch off the side of my finger the other day and it bled for 6 hours!

They also had some sort of medicated gauze that causes blot to clot quickly too. I think I'm going to stock up because I can be accident prone in the kitchen!

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I will check it out and stock up also. I'm accident prone myself. Thanks so much!

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