Classic HA Symptoms Ruled Nutcracker Esophagus

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
My cardiac symptoms are classic, chest pain, extreme SOB (I have pulmonary disease and get SOB, but this is much more pronounced), extreme fatigue and some left arm tingling.
I also have silent reflux and have Barrett's esophagus. I have tried all the meds for reflux, but I have adverse reaction to the meds. I also had a Nissan Fundiplication, where they took the top of my stomach and wrapped it around my esophagus to keep the acid from coming up.
My cardiologist states that if I get"nutcracker esophagus" which is spasms in the esophagus, it uses the same nerves and mimics cardiac symptoms. I finally went to the Er when I had severe symptoms after doing a Xopenx nebulizer treatment. My sister who is a retired paramedic, states I look cardiac when these symptoms appear, but the young female ER doc wrote it off as "anxiety" because my breathing was so difficult I was almost to the point of hyperventilation due to not being able to breathe. They ran all the tests which came back okay, so she diagnosed me with atypical chest pains and anxiety, gave me some ativan (sp) and sent me on my way. I have trouble believing it is a esophagus spasm when the symptoms come right after my breathing treatment. I don't seem to get them after eating which would make more sense because it is supposedly a reflux reaction.
When I have these symptoms it doesn't feel like my esophagus, it feels cardiac, but no one can ever find anything. My cardiologist says he can't rule out small vessel disease, but I am to the point that I don't want to go to ER or doc when I get these symptoms because I don't want to be labeled 'anxiety" and not be taken seriously.
Any thoughts or experience with this?

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I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this. I know what it's like being labled anxious, when I show up to an ER with shortness of breath. I have gastropareis (slow emptying of stomach contents). Also may have esophageal (sp) spasms, which may be confusing with Prinzmetal's angina. Although, I doubt it. When I get these spasms, I sweat, get pain in my jaw and in the shoulder blades and chest. I didn't think that esophageal spasms could make you sweat! As soon as any dr or ER personnel see you and you are breathing heavily, they tell you to relax and take deep breaths and that it's just anxiety. I'm so tired of all this. I feel your pain and empathize completely.

Wishing you well and I wish we could make the medical community not label everything as anxiety. Would they do that with men if they presented the same?


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Has anyone mentioned Prinzmetal or variant angina? That could explain symptoms. Your EKG would show an unusual T wave if you are having the spasms at the time. Joyce

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No, Prinzmetal mentioned, but as stated my cardiologist says he doesn't rule out "syndrome X". I believe like I read from another posting, that I don't like to call it Syndrome X, it is micro vessel or small vessel disease.
I am on Beta Blockers for the aneurysm, but stopped taking them when I had some foot surgery done. My doc still wants me to take them, but I need to wait until I get moved. They make my blood pressure and pulse go so low that I can't do much physical work.
I know I shouldn't be self diagnosing by choosing on my own to wait to take them after I move, but I am getting divorced and will be doing most of move on my own with some temporary help for actual moving of furniture and I can't afford to have a pulse of 50 and blood pressure of 89-50....
p.s. No, the divorce isn't stressing me out, It actually makes me happy.... :-)
Thanks for your posting..I'll keep you posted..

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I have had esophageal spasms and cardiac spasms and for me they were totally different. Now, the first time I had an esophageal spasms I thought it was a heart attack but it wasnt. It hurt so bad in the middle of my chest and then radiated to the middle of my back. I have a hiatel hernia, drank some Coke late that night and that is what set it off they believe. Now, my cardiac spasms are on my left chest, radiated down my arm, shoulder etc. I can tell the difference. I hope this helps somewhat!

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Thanks! the pain I get is more centered than left sided, but nothing going to my back, it seems to go down my arm.... But since I seem to have them after a breathing treatment, who knows??? I'll just listen to my body and make a squawk if nobody listens...
Thanks for all your replies!!

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Hi Katie, thanks for your reply. What I have learned is that the hiatal hernia and my previous chest pains are very much linked. I was getting frustrated with being told to go to the ER every time my chest was tight, only to find the testing all normal. Now two weeks after my Lap Band/hernia repair, I have not had any chest pain. My best girlfriend was saying that once again you wernt being listened to and also sent home to take to Ativan(anxiety drug). The chest pain was real and bothersome with my Ejection Fraction at 30 and an enlarged heart. Now I will wait for my ICD to fire before going anywhere near an ER. The gameplan is to loose the weight and hope it helps my heart function!? My problem recently is trying to add excersize because I am so tired and fitigued all the time. I work 4 days per week for a busy dental office and am exhausted when I am home. Please keep me in touch with your progress as well, it is nice to no we are all searching for the same answers.
Blessings, MaryCorinne :)

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I will, thanks for your update...

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