Chest pain in hot weather

I'm a 40 year old mother of two. Since the last ten years, I've been convinced there's something wrong with my heart and have been to multiple cardiologists. It started with irregular heartbeat, then went on to I think I have chest pain sometimes with and sometimes without exertion and for the last two years, I have chest pain in hot weather. It has to be slightly over 80 degrees and I would just be standing in the sun and I would get this pain within 2 minutes or so. I've had 2 nuclear stress tests in the last 3 years, both negative and just had one echo stress test which came back negative as well. Yet today is the first day of hot weather and I'm feeling the pain. Does anyone else experience the same in hot weather? Is this heart related? Really appreciate someone's input and thought?

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Please type Prinzmetal's in the Find It box. You can also type in coronary artery spasms and vasospasms. You will find a lot of discussions on this supposedly rare condition and how so many of us have struggled to get diagnosed and treated. You can also Google them to see if any of it seems to fit. There are some of us with these spasms that don't fit the general description. In my case, I can have spasms any time of day or night, no matter my activity level or lack thereof. A lot of articles say true Prinzmetal's only occurs at certain times of the day. That is not always the case.

I mention this because Prinzmetal's has triggers for almost everyone. Extreme temps is a big one. I envy you, just hitting the 80's this week. It got to 105 where I live on the coast of SE Texas. The extreme heat or extreme cold cause my spasms to go into overdrive. It is just something you might want to look up.

Hope you figure it out -

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Suffering from chest pain with or without exertion, I had 4 EKG's and a stress test May of 2009 and told nothing was wrong. Heck, the cardiologist told me I could run a marathon if I had wanted. 5 weeks ago I had quadruple bypass. My arteries were 90% blocked. Go with your gut feelings. I wish I would have a year ago and gotten a second or even a third opinion. Docs told me the only way to be sure is to have a heart cath done and that's how they found mine. Hope this isn't the case with you but it's better to be safe! <3

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Also, take into consideration that dehydration can cause chest pain. I had a heart attack in December and when I get dehydrated or over heated I get chest pain. Stay cool!

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And even a heart cath does'nt ALWAYS show female heart disease !!! Many cardios get hung up on this as FACT ..and it's not many here can attest to.
We ladies present VERY differently !!!!

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Hi dental! Yes, I believe chest pain can be brought on by hot weather! I was out today working in the yard, picking up tree limbs from storm last night. Temp about 83 but felt like 103! Kept getting overheated doing simple tasks. While I was standing at the car door of my next door neighbor while doing absolutely nothing but talking, I suddenly got overheated all at once, nausea, hard heartbeat, chest pain, dizzy and needed to sit down. That was while I was NOT exerting myself. I think I might have had tachycardia as my pulse was 126 and normally 60. Shocked me as I am usually fine in hot weather! I am guessing that it must now be a trigger for me! PS..I have prinzmentals too! Good luck! Stick to your guns and keep pursuing an answer! :o) Hugs to you!

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Oh my goodness! I have the exact same thing... when I get hot I have this squeezing pain in my chest. I have been diagnosed with Endothelial Dysfunction and my Cardio didn't think the heat thing was connected. I don't have any tips except I blast the air conditioner and wait for it to subside.

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I find the heat does me in as soon as I go out in anything above 75. That was the reason I moved to San Francisco, but am now in ASheville, NC. I hope the heat subsides, it gets very isolating to stay inside all day in the ac. But it works for me.

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From age 35-55......heart temp tolerance range is between 55-80 degrees...Above and below that serious symptoms set in. Humidity is also a HUGE factor.....the less the better for heart ladies.

Getting into a car and blasting the AC cools me enough to make it from car to buildings during high summer heat waves.


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wow, i've been dealing with this situation all summer and thought it was just me...and I've been wheezing and coughing all the time...and it all got much worse with the warm weather. I just had an echo and haven't the results yet but ended up at emerg after having sharp pain in same area three days in a row, twice I was outside at the time....
thanks for sharing ladies, it sure helps!

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