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Has anyone purchased any Plavix or the generic for Plavix from any of the online Canadian pharmacies? I noticed that it is so much cheaper than here in the US. I am currently on 2 Plavix a day and am looking for some kind of way to afford this. I do have health insurance, however, have a very high deductible of 5 thousand dollars. Right now I am looking at spending 300 dollars a month on Plavix alone, so if these are safe and reputable, I will consider purchasing from the Canadian pharmacies.

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I used to purchase from Canada all the time. Saved me a bundle, til I got Medicare Part D. They have to fill it to your doctor's prescription. DO ask them if it's the same as our Plavix though. Sometimes they have different ingredients. Have your doctor fax the scrips to them and they'll send them to your home.

If you go to Google and search Canadian Pharmacy online, you will see the one I used. It's the very first one on the page.

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Thanks so much for the reply. I am definitely going to speak to my doctor about it next week when I go for my check up. I desperately need to find a more affordable solution for my maintenance meds.

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Your doctor should agree to help you. All of mine did. If you didn't have insurance, you could probably get it free or at very low cost.

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