Can anyone help???

Hi all, I've been for my pre op assessment for my angio today and when I returned home I had the letter from my exercise test it read as follows...

Exercise test stopped after 3 minutes and 50 seconds die to increasing ST depression, chest pain and shortness of breath. There was inferolateral ST depression of greater than 1.5 mm and also ST elevation in AVR noted. Blood pressure was adequate and recovery was delayed.

Does anyone know what this means? If I had the letter before I went then I could've asked.

Thanks all

Cindylou xxx

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The ST depression means you were having ischemia (not enough blood flow) to the heart muscle represented by those leads. The inferolateral refers to the bottom and side of the heart. This ST elevation (also sign of ischemia) is likely to be associated with the circumflex artery. This web page shows a nice illustration of the vessels:

Here's a picture that shows the area supplied by the left anterior descending artery (red) and the circumflex (yellow):

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My treadmill test before my cardiac arrest was similar after a longer time .Then going in weekly asking why not being referred to a Cardiology Dept .

But this is UK that only allow one condition so you are Low Priority or else refer via a call centre to anyone by using a shortened, by those on corprate remits, the medical online record.
You definitely need to follow up with stress tests & angiogram .

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