bradycardia at night

does anyone get or have info about bradycardia at night/while sleeping? i have woke up a few times, feeling like poo...nausea,sweating,pain,full feeling inthroat, like passing ....and found my heart rate to be 42 and lower. a couple times a week i wake because of nausea and i'm beginning to wonder if i drop my rate at night. anyone with experience with this? i do not have any type of implant.


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Hi! This doesn't sound great to me.....have you ever worn a 24-hr Holter monitor? If not, go in and have your doctor order it for you. It's just a little EKG device that you wear under your clothes for 24 hours; Then you take it back in and they can see what's happening with your heart. If you are waking up from this and feeling bad, I would not wait to get things checked out.
I had a complete heart block in the middle of the night and was very lucky I woke up and had the EMTs come get me. Now, I have an ICD and am doing well. Good luck; you have a beautiful family -- check it out for them!!! Hugs, laurali

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Ditto on everything Laurali said. SHe's got you covered : )

The wee hours are the most common time for heart rhythms to become irregular as the brain goes through varying sleep stages and the body is cooler.

Night sweats can be a symptom of arrhythmias in women. In my late 30s I was waking every night with a pool on sweat on my chest. I kept a stack of clean t-shirts next to the bed so I could wipe off that freezing clammy sweat and pull on a warm clean T fast enough to fall back into exhausted sleep. After the worst heart attack was caught, arteries were stented and I was put on beta blockers I never had another night sweat.

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thanks to both of you!
i did call and speak to my cardio nurse....she was going to request an event monitor and was immediately concerned. i wore a 24hr last feb. my rate went from 38 (at night) up to 145 (daytime)...was told by local cardio..."normal. nothing to be concerned about" thank goodness i got transferred out of this small town!!!

very interesting what you are saying about night sweats. i have been encountering that for about 2 years. During that time i had my thyroid checked, multiple times, and hormone levles....was basically told, "hmmm, mystery. your too young for pre-menapausel night sweats".....looking back, along w/night sweats, my mom, sister(nurse i worked with) and a few other co-workers(we are from the emergency room) all noticied my color being 'different', a dry cough---all the time, and the co-workers commented a few times, jokingly, "boy, your neck veins are huge tonight"-----well, what do you know----now I KNOW that they were all noticing early signs of heart failure---i just needed the virus to really push things over!

i'll keep you posted. and thanks again for replying.


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Flacjen, My goodness! Please do not believe that night sweats indicate a heart problem. I started having then along with palps over the last year. I told my OB about this.. she looked at my age, and history and sent me for a FSH test.. it's a hormone test.. and guess what I'm in perimenopause! Peri-meno will cause these symtpoms. I also wore about 5 monitors. one in which I had on me 24 hours a day for 6 solid weeks. It gave my average heart rates.. and mine range from the low of 50 while SLEEPING and a high of 123 while active during the day. So, please do not believe that you have some issue just because your heart rate is a little lower at night.. it's suppose to be lower at night!!

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i agree. i had an FSH along with several hormone, metabolic levels. OB was quite certain that I was not peri-meno. i did wear a holter and I went down to 38 several times during the night and up in 148 range during the day...i was doing laundry during that time!!

i have also woke up a few times this past 6 weeks with nausea, sweating, and icky addition my hubbie said..."you look like s%&t"...and my rate was in the mid 30's each time with bp 50/38 at the, I guess I should have clarified earlier and sorry for confusion.

For the longest time, we--me,hubbie,doctors--thought these flucuations were partly due to my body re-training itself...i had worked full-time in the emergency room, night shift, for several years...anyway, we were hoping maybe my overall system was just 'mixed-up'. Currently wondering if runs of brady and tachy are causes symtoms during night or if my beta-blocker is working a little too good!!

i think i had read in someone's post "if its not one thing, its another"....this is just like a giant puzzle and trying to get them all to fit together just right.

thanks for the comment. things can change...who knows, maybe i will hit early menopause!! I would be MORE than happy to give up my lovely monthly friend!!!!


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Has your Dr consider doing a sleep study on YOU??

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the office called today and i will be starting with a 48hr monitor. no biggie. am having a problem with swelling of hands/feet when i wake investigating the thought of brady down at night.

but, i wonder about the sleep study too.

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Hello ladies! If it's not one thing then it's another..AMEN! Several times when I was hospitalized the Nurse would come in to see if I was "OK" because my BP had dropped so low (never made sense to me when you're wearing a heart monitor showing normal heart rythum that they need to wake you up to make sure you're alive?!) After kind of mixing up my blood pressure lowering medications (for example Coreg), it was decided that it was medication related (I usually drop down to about 70/40 something during the night - so you might want to talk about you meds, too - but I agree you're getting a little "too low" there at night & it's obviously affecting other systems in your body to cause nausea, etc.

Now as far as the night sweats....right now I'm in between the "might be caused by your heart" and "you might be peri-menoupasal" diagnosis. I too have had my hormone levels checked which are on the "low end" of normal, but I have learned from my body that any time I'm in the "low end" of anything, it's probably going to cause issues for me. The fact that I'm only having my period now about every other month makes me lean toward the "peri-menoupasal" diagnosis - but to look at my "levels" no doctor would ever agree with that diagnosis.

Maybe it is a heart thing, because as I read so many of everybody's stories & issues, there does seem to be a recurring theme with the night sweats - anyway or another I think you're taking the right steps to check it out - hang in there - you're not going crazy!!

LOL - Stacey :)

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my color being 'different', a dry cough---all the time, and the co-workers commented a few times, jokingly, "boy, your neck veins are huge tonight"

That is clearly cardiac in nature.

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i know...funny how things are more pronounced when we can look back. and you would think with us all in healthcare...we would have picked up on something!

i guess it really goes to show that sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees! AND, that you just don't look or suspect something cardiac in nature in a young, healthy, vibrant 34 y/o woman.

thank goodness for good doctors


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