Blood Thinners vs Root Canal Pocedure

I may have to see an orthodontist in a few days regarding my root canal procedure. I read somewhere that people who are on blood thinners should be extra careful while going through such treatments. A bit worried that there could be complications. Would appreciate any help in this regard.


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Just happened to have one last week. I am on plavix and asprin plus a whole host of heart meds. I asked the dentist about it. He said it was no problem. I have an extensive heart history and Lupus as well. They sometimes recommend an antibiotic prior to doing the procedure but according to my dentist they recently proved that wasnt necessary. I had no difficulty and no complications. It was a piece of cake. A week later I had a tooth pulled and that was a whole nother story. They couldn't stop the bleeding and I had to go back 3 times to have them re-pack it. Best of luck to you. I hate going to the dentist LOL. Diane

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I have had to have a tooth pulled since I had my heart attack. The oral surgeon contacted my primary care provider about my blood thinner. The instructions that I received were to stop taking my blood thinner for the 3 days before the extraction and to bring a pill with me. The tooth was extracted with no problem. They didn't have any problem with me bleeding more than usual. I noticed that it seemed to take me a little longer to stop using the gauze at home but it was also the first time that I was really, really paying attention to how long or how many times I had to change the gauze. I took the blood thinner pill while I was still in the chair at the oral surgeons.

No antibiotic was needed. I think the antibiotics may depend on several things. I know when my Dad had his pacemaker put in he was told to speak to his dentist about antibiotics before any dental work (including routine cleaning) for the first six months.

Best of luck - you will do fine. It's amazing how many things we used to take for granted isn't it?


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I have had a root canal and my dentist insist I take anti-biotic before any dental work, even routine cleanings. I guess as with everything else every dentist has their own view on the subject.


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I had a root canal not long ago. The only thing that i needed to do was to have a pro-time a few days before the procedure.

Other wise all went well. I continued on my 3 blood thinners and all of my heart meds as usual. I agree Rose, I think each doctor has their own way of doing things.

Good luck any how Babuc. All will be well.


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