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Im a male , But females seem to have more problems with this issue. Im 27 with out medication my blood pressure is 154/98. I take the lowest form of meds I can and it droped to like112/53 and my pulse stays around 48!!! im not kidding :(

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Are you on a beta blocker? It may need some adjustments. Your BP was awful high without meds. You should definitely talk with your prescribing doctor.
Good luck!

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Im 27 with out medication my blood pressure is 154/98. I take the lowest form of meds I can and it droped to like112/53 and my pulse stays around 48"

Hi there,

If your bp has been a fairly consistent 154/98 without bp meds, that is a sign of chronic coronary artery inflammation/disease. Your new systolic of 112/ is excellent....looks like you are having issues with the distole side at /53. Be careful about getting up quickly or changing positions suddenly....this can cause syncope dips into dizziness, blacking out. I've had to stay on bp meds since 41 due to permanent heart attack damage and I've never had high bp...Syncope or 'bottoming out' is part of life but the meds are important. High bp, even 140/? means blood vessel linings are constantly being damaged.

Wish there were easier ways to deal with bp irregularities and med side effects.

Has your doctor helped you understand why your bp is so high at 27?

Best of luck to you,

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All my life, adult anyhow, and I was very thin and active, my normal regular reading was 140/80. At that time, it was just considered borderline. I take 3 meds now and hope I can keep it down to that *sigh*. I have NO interest in going on a beta blocker.
Killcourse, it sounds like you are on one. It is very important to be your own best advocate. Research the different types of medications, etc. I also highly recommend the High Blood Pressure team at; we share tons of info and support there. (I also recommend Inspire to any of the women there w/more serious heart issues)

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Thanks for sharing your concerns about hypertension, Kilcourse.

All my adult life I've had labile blood pressure. Three pregnancies required bedrest (the 3rd over 5 mos) with early inductions for all 3. I cannot tolerate BP meds of any kind because my blood pressure gets too low and I become non functional. Lots of presyncope and even falls. I have pulmonary hypertension and am two years postop valvular repair (complex). Lately I can't get my diastolic below 100 so I am trying bystolic again. It's supposed to have less side effects. I'm trying to return to the work force but it's difficult when I experience side effects. Any suggestions?

Sonya J, thanks for the sites your shared. I will definitely try them out.

Good Luck!


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Hi Janye,

How do you cope with side effects? Are you able to work full time and manage your life?

I draw the line when I fall down because my legs freeze on me. I know the hypertension is causing permanent damage but I feel like I can't have a life due to side effects.

Thanks for your input.


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Hi Karen,

It is always up to you, the patient, to decide whether or not to take medications. I had a dreadful time with the massive lethargy on top of permanent heart damage by 41.....Doctors did not acknowledge this in any way. My extreme fatigue from beta blocker side effects was my problem. I was able to push on for another 10 years then had to stop working. Body won't go for long or with any regularity any more.

After 13 years, I take medications mostly with regularity...but not always. With no help with home and life tasks, I consider it my call at those times I choose to skip meds with the most interfering side effects.

You will figure it out. Also, you might retry taking the meds at different times of day.....see what works best with your energy levels.

best to you,

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I am on the lowest form of beta blocker...But with out it my Blood pressure is out of control

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Hi Kilcourse,
I'm so glad beta blockers are effective for you. Even with low doses, my B/P eventually gets too low. I get so tired I can't get out of bed. It seems like the higher my B/P is, the better I feel..or at least the more energy I have. Until, it gets too high and then I get sick.

Keep taking your meds and take good care of yourself.

Happy Holidays!!!


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Hi Jaynie,

I am at the point where I can't work anymore. I lost my job a year ago and have been looking. No luck yet. However, I'm scared to death to go back to work in anything but a very limited capacity. I don't feel like I have the stamina, nor am I capable of doing a good job.

You should see my house. It's getting to the point where I struggle to floss my teeth. I know it's important esp. with heart problems. But I'm down to once or twice a week.

Anyway, I just try to keep my spirits up and not to dwell on the negative. There are alot of people out there worse off.

I hope you had a nice Christmas.

May 2010 be a good year for you and yours!

Warm Regards,

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Hi Karen,
" However, I'm scared to death to go back to work in anything but a very limited capacity. I don't feel like I have the stamina, nor am I capable of doing a good job."

This is almost worse than permanent heart attack damage isn't it.....having to struggle with 'will I be able to withstand even limited part time work now?'....'do I really have to work myself to death?'....'will I be supported if I'm now unable to work without literally constantly putting my life in grave danger of another heart attack?' These are intense realities to live with. Heart damage can absolutely effect how well you are able to do your job.

I finally bit the bullet and chose life by choosing to stop working and go home to save my life, see if there was even a tiny chance I could improve a little in health if I made staying alive 'my job'. There was no support from anywhere but myself because I was so young at the time. 50 + female + educated somehow translated to too young for SSD benefits. I had pushed hard since the onset of heart attacks by age 38. And I wouldn't have survived another year if I had tried to keep working. I chose survival.

The most sacred thing we have is choice and choice is where it all begins. The right thing won't necessarily be easy. It may even create more suffering for some time.

Another thing that is sacred to me is dragging myself into the shower every day no matter what. I'm not giving that small wondrous treasure up. I brush my teeth in the shower on days I can barely stand up. LOL

Happy holidays to you too! We're still here! yeee haaaaa


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