Beta Blockers Cause Chest Pain

My doc convinced me to try another beta blocker called Bystolic.
I am having shortness of breath and some transit chest pain. Does this happen to anyone? This also happened to me on Coreg. This causes me a lot of anxiety and stress.


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I've been on it for 10 days or so. I do get short of breath with exercise or exertion of any kind. I've also had chest pain once. However, I was put on this because I was having aching in the middle of my chest. and shortness of breath. I have been having painful feet so bad I can barely walk. Don't know of the med is causing that or not. See my Cardio in the morning and will know more then. By the way, he put me on coreg 2 years ago and I couldn't do that either. It messed my eyes up very bad.

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It is not severe pain, it is hard to describe it. I have thought about going to the ER then it goes away.
The shortness of breath is not like a panting, but like sometimes it is hard to get a deep breath. If someone looks at me I wouldnt look like I am short of breath.

I called my doc he thinks I just don't want to take beta blockers. He says I should give the meds about 2 months to work.


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Bystolic caused pain in my legs and horrible hot flashes! Coreg was even worse, I had no energy while on that drug. I am now on Lopressor (generic Metoprolol) feel pretty good. Don't be affraid to speak up and try different medications. Beta Blockers play such an important role in our treatment-Make sure you find one you can tollerate!

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I have been on Corgard (generic Nadolol), since 1982, and I seem to tolerate it real well. I have up to as high as 400mg per day at one point before my cardio cut me back to 80mg twice a day. He did that when I went on 200mg of Verapmil, a calcium channel blocker. (I am also on nitro patches and pills, and digitalis). I hope you and your doctor can find a beta blocker that suits your needs. I know how horrible I feel if I miss a dose.
Good luck!

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