Av node ablation

It has been a long battle with this monster called afib. After my first abation attempt and awaking in icu I found I had a twisted heart...( hubby would agree! :) ) then a second ablation with specialists all around me..ablated 38 spots....afib came back..so we tried more meds .. Went from rythum control to rate control.. Broke through all and felt awful. In may doc implanted pacemaker so she could give me more rate lowering drugs....and knowing she may have to eventually do an av node ablation.
I saw her last Monday...the pacer showed 40 percent of time in afib..with pulse going to 190 beats a min at times.
The meds once again were not working...
So I had studied about the av node ablation and was ready as I felt my quality of life was less and less.
She had a cancelation in her ep lab at ku on Wednesday... I said let's do this!
Most people's av node is in the right side .. With a small percent being on the left side........well of course we found out mine strattles both areas ( which leads me to believe this is the answer to why I always battled weight....I was supposed to be twins!!! Lol ;) !!)
I felt better right away....I know I still will get afib..and this was to bring my rate down and relieve some of the symptoms.
I have had a few skipped beats since...but feel so much better..... It is always a wait and see game I know...and at times we all feel like we are on a emotional roller coaster.
Do I feel afraid of being "pacer dependent"...not at all...
I know The Lord will not take me out of this world one second before He wants me....pacer or normal heart.
Has it been a long scary road? You bet!
But hopefully this will give me a little more of a normal life..I am in my fifties and want to enjoy my Grandkids...and my life.
Fear can take over our lives if we let it..it still does mine at times...and reading the horror stories surely can.....but knowing there are others out there struggling to should make us want to each help others make it through this battle.
I am so thankful I found this site....
Have a good day...and keep on keeping on!!!
Pam :)

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Thanks for sharing your story! It helps me realize that things can still be ok even once these arrhythmia's progress...and it gives me a realistic look at what could happen. I pray that you continue to feel better than you were, and that your new normal allows you to enjoy life :)


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Amen to that! My faith is keeping me going through this journey. I was just diagnosed with a fib this week and have been given meds in an attempt to get it under control. This is a new diagnosis for me, but I am no stranger to heart disease. I had a massive MI in the LAD 3 years ago that left me with severe left ventricular damage to the lower part. I got an ICD implanted shortly thereafter. At times, I got very discouraged but I believe like you that God will not take me until he is ready for me...plain and simple. I have learned to accept His grand plan and whatever He has in store for me.

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Hi, you seem to have a similar story as mine. I had an AV node ablation in 1999, I was 42. I had Afib, flutter and tach so bad that there was nothing else to do. I received my first pacemaker and I hadn't felt better in years. Since my first pacer (which I broke) I have had one more pacer and now a crt-icd since 2010.

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Wish I had seen this earlier. I was diagnosed with continual a-fib in october. In Jan I see a doctor at Mayo in Phoenix for a try at cardioversion. The drugs have my heart rate down into the 80's. I am hoping for good luck at Mayo ( whatever theyy decide to do I will know I am in good hands.

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Forgot the in the angiogram they didn't find any heart muscle damage.

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Forgot the in the angiogram they didn't find any heart muscle damage.

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