Any side effects from Nuclear Stress test

Just wondering if anything negative happened after the test or any side effects. Thanks in advance.

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Hi doglover894 - It's been my experience that the worst part of a nuclear stress test is when they speed up your heart with drugs. It's like having a heart attack all over again.

But once I get through with the test itself, the only after effect I've experienced is a headache. Good luck!


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I had the nuclear stress test and no side effects at all.
Good luck to you.

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I had it also but had very bad effect from the radioactive isotopes. But everyone is different. It is supposed to be a very good test.

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I've had different IV solutions to speed up my heart and have never had a reaction after the test, not even a headache. My doctors no longer used Thallium, which did cause an adverse reaction in certain people. They use Cardiolite and adenosine.

There are other types of chemicals used to speed up the heart. The most reactions I've had were during the test, chest pain and tightness in the chin. However, my doctor now has me sit up and move my legs and squeeze rubber balls when the pain, tightness starts. He said it's safer than walking on a treadmill and easier on the patient than lying still on the table during the stress part.

Nothing to be afraid of - although hunger might get the best of you if done in one day. Two days, not so much. :)

Here's a site that tells about all kinds of stress tests:

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Oh and I drive myself to and from the office for the test. You may want to take someone along the first time you have one though. I've had one every year for the past 9 yrs.

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no, except mine had a "false postive" which let to my first heart cath--left sided only which was normal. I've had an allergic reaction with a ct contrast, (different than what they use for your test.)

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