My heart attack was a shock to me..I am 57 years old. I exercised, ate pretty healthy, but...I did smoke 4 to 5 cigarettes a day with a couple of glasses of wine every night. Not good, I have been smoking for years, but less and less as I got older

It was a beautiful summer night and I was running around with my grandson feeling wonderful. That same night I went to sleep, got up at 3:30 and threw up to death in the bathroom..kept on throwing up and decided to take a hot bath after that thinking I had flu symtoms since my left side back and shoulder were excrutiating. My husband immediately had to bring me to the hospital...had an angioplasty right away..long story short, I have three stents in one of my ateries that had two blockages.

I am going to stop here because I can almost say that my heart attack was the easy part...until something after that I will explain into some detail later what occured from an infection that I went into I would consider hell.

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Hi jeanne586,
Welcome to this forum.

I was only 43 when I had my heart attack. Shocked me? Yes, at first it did. Looking back now, I should not have been shocked because smoking is one of the worst things that we can do to our bodies. I smoked for years too like you. One cigarette a day is just as bad as a few. Yes, that is a fact! So shocked? way.

Wishing you the best on your road to recovery and success in quitting the smokes.

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How is it that no one expects to have a heart attack? Me neither, but looking back I can see subtle signs of the blockage. The good thing is, you survived, you are on the road to recovery and although that road is definitely not paved, you aren't travelling it alone. You have a great pit crew (doctors) and a cheering section (family) and fellow travellers (us). Welcome.

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Threesacharm, you are right! No one expects to have a heart attack, yet heart disease is t he # 1 killer!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that we all "think that it will never happen to us".

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I came home feeling really good only to get an infection in my blood where they operated. The pain was horrific in my groin. My husband took me to the hospital week later to have femoral artery surgery. As I was in ICU for a couple of days, my artery burst much blood, second surgery done, 5 hours long. I was sent to the ICU again and was finally ready for a hospital room. As I was sitting on my little couch with my leg lifted, I turned to move a blanket, and once again my artery burst...was rushed for surgery and this time the doctors did not think I was going to make it. 7 1/2 long hours, last surgery done. I was in ICU for a week again. I felt like I was is hell, it was horrible lying there with pain and anxiety, not to mention that I couldn't even use a bedpan for fear I would burst again. I finally was able to leave and go to a room. As you may know, my surgeon would not allow me to move for 3 weeks. Again, my anxiety was so bad just laying there, I couldn't even watch TV or read..I would wait until 1:00am just to sleep for 2-3 hours. I soon came home to live with my son and his wife and three kids for 6 weeks to took me just to walk again.

I am alive and well,l back with with my family, my husband, my 2 awesome sons,daughter-in-laws and seven grandchildren. I am back to my full time job working with autisic children and sleeping like a baby at night.

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God bless you Jeanne - you have truly been through hell. Glad to see that you are so much better now and are back to work. Enjoy that family of yours.

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Thank you

I am so blessed with so much support and love. I truly had much pain for so long, but I am beginning to forget about that. I ...we are all here for a reason, and I love very second of my day now.

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Hi I'm glad you are alive and noticed your symptoms. My sister
Had arteriosclerosis and she didn't know it. she was very fit , ran most days,
Gad no obvious symptoms. But was a heavy smoker from aged 27 to .42. Gave
Up smoking but died at aged 49 of a heart attack. Now there
Are some that do smoke and live to a ripe old age.
Like my grandfather who was a smoker and
Died at age 91. But on the other side of the family
There is an insidious gene, and my mother has inherited the disease
And her father died of the same disease. It goes back
s long way actually. Family
History is a huge indicator. I hope all people
Can beat the addiction of cigarette smoking!

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