Angio-Seal Complication?

**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 13:47:00 **

I had an angiogram two months ago. As it turned out, it was a false alarm and no angioplasty or stents were necessary. However, I have been experiencing persistent pain in my leg and lower back ever since the procedure was done. My cardiologist told me it’s likely a nerve issue, caused by the angio-seal he put in. He explained that some people’s nerves are unusually close to the femoral artery, and the angio-seal can cause irritation by pulling on it. He said the pain will "probably" go away once the angio-seal is absorbed in 2 to 3 months. But it has been getting progressively worse over the past several weeks rather than better. I’m assuming the angio-seal absorbs gradually, so it seems to me the pain should be lessening as the device dissolves. No OTC painkillers relieve the discomfort, and while it is not excrutiating, it is unpleasant and has kept me from many normal activities.
My questions are: is this nerve irritation a common complication with angio-seals? Has anyone out there had the same problem, and, if so, did the pain really go away when the seal dissolved? Finally, is there any place I can get more information about this complication? My search on the internet has been unfruitful.

Thanks for any help offered.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 13:47:21 **

although I've not experienced what you are desribing or have info on angio-seal aomplications I am familar with nerve pain, it can be intence. You might try to find info on nerve pain and see if you can come up with something there. Good Luck and hopw your pain dissapates before you have a chance to explore more!


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 13:47:58 **

I'm not familiar with this problem myself, but I do know of a woman who ended up with nerve damage from a cath. In her case she was told that it was probably permanent and nothing could be done. I hate to sound so negative and I hope you will seek out another opinion.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 13:54:02 **

I can relate! I had the Angio-seal put in 3 1/2 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks,
I crawled on the floor. The pain in the leg and the swelling into the right hip
has also caused the same problems that I had before back surgery many years ago. I'm
walking now, but I am using a back brace for support. When I sit, I can feel
the pinching going on in the groin area and shooting down my leg still. I have been
through a lot in my life with rheumatoid arthritis, back injury etc.....but this is
one of the worst things I have gone through. I can't walk right, I can't sit much
and so much is out of wack since that procedure. I'm totally ticked about it. I
don't know what to do for relief either!


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:57:26 **

I have been having constant pain due the the angio seal which was done august of last year severe pain near the groin area that penetrates down my leg, and in the hip area alone with back pain. Sometimes I have to drag my leg when I am in pain. This is a progressing complication sometime I almost lose my balance when I feel this pain, sorry I had this done. PS dont try this


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:57:44 **

I had a heart catheterization approx 1 1/2 weeks ago. The doctor used an Angio-Seal. A couple of days later I couldn't wear flip-flops because my leg couldn't lift the back part of my ankle up. The next day I could walk about 20 feet or so and then my leg would go numb and I couldn't lift it. I called the doctor's office and a different doctor who was on call told me to go to the emergency room and I was admitted to the hospital. They did a dopplar and then an arteriogram and found the seal had broken off and blood clots had formed. The pulse at the top of my foot was undetectable. A cardiovascular surgeon then was called in and he did surgery the next day and had to pull the clot and foreign material out as well as repair my artery with a cloth. I now have a six inch incision across my groin and thigh and can barely walk. He says this will last approximately 6 weeks and some of the nerve damage may be permanent. I am very thin and have small arteries. I don't know whether or not to pursue for medical claims or not. I sure wish they had used the sandbag method instead. My heart is fine - the stress test showed a false positive- because I have small vessels. If I were you, I would get a second opinion with a cardiovascular surgeon.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:57:59 **

I had the heart cath done June 4..I was up and home in 3 1/2 hours after surgery...Doing great! I had no heart blockage as the stress test had shown significant blockage. As it turned out I had a healthy heart even though I have been diabetic for almost 20 years. I had no pain after surgery and couldn't even see an incision. My problems didn't start until a few days later. I kept feeling pain in my groin but just thought I was imagining it or thinking I was just being too sensitive, but I knew I had a high tolerance to pain. The pain has progressively gotten worse. It starts in the groin and shoots pain down to the top of my knee... I have a hard time walking normal as I have to take small steps and I walk with a limp because it hurts. It has now been a month since surgery and over a week since I have been able to sleep the night through because of the pain. It hurts to lay on my right hip,then turn on the left hip and then try to lay on my back but the pain and pressure continue to keep me awake. Even as I sit and write this letter I constantly have to move around because of the pain. I have not yet been able to get in touch with my cardiologist but I will do so first thing at the beginning of the week.. I just got home from work and the pain was so terrible that I thought to get on the internet to see just what the angio seal was. Now I am glad I did......I can see that I am not the only one experiencing this. I was so startled as I read your I could have been the one writing them..It sounded very familiar... Thank You. I will pass on any other information I learn in the week ahead.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:58:14 **

I am upset and very very distressed. I had a heart catheter test May 28 of this year. Complications with the Angio Seal did not start until 2 weeks later. I have been keeping a daily Log of my symptoms. The Cardioligist at first threw me in the Hospital for 4 days to get me on blood thinners "in case" of a blood clot. I have constant pain in my Leg-intense at times behind the Knee and lower calf area. I have experienced numbness in my other leg and left hand and arm. My two pinkie fingers feel like they have instant arthritis in them constantly since the test. Sitting for more the 1/2 hour is a "punishment" and Driving or sitting in a car for more then 45 minutes is the same. I am scheduled to see a "Vein" Specialist" but after reading these few comments I am becoming horrified at the possibilities! I am ONLY 50 and permanent nerve damage is a LONG sentence. My cardioligist has been very casual when I inquire about the angio seal and possible complications. IF the diagnosis is life long I WILL go to court for the simple fact of preventing the use of this procedure unless absolutely necessary and not another "routine" test used for "stress" symptoms in the chest. This could help others avoid the consequences. The last comment before I took the test was... You are a healthy 50 year old female, what could possibly happen? Risk factors were "glossed" over quickly in the doctor's office and on the gurny as I went under the Vicedin....
I will request the sign off sheet ( the only thing NOT sent with my medical records ) to see what the "list" is. I will post future comments.
I will continue my log and searching for postings as the Medical community is ignoring this (?).


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:58:42 **

I had an angio-seal used during an angioplasty which separated and caused a blockage in my femoral artery. My cardiologist kept denying it. Well, I ended up with 2 additional surgeries and an arterial bypass due to complications from the blockage. All because he didn't remove the angio-seal when it entered at the time of surgery. I heard the whole thing since I had awaken at that time. I heard they have discontinued using this product due to major complications in women. It has caused many blockages since women's blood vessels are smaller than men's. If anyone hears of a class action law-suit against Sherwood, David & Geck who has been bought out by TYCO, please let me know asap. IF YOU ARE A WOMAN, DO NOT USE THIS DEVICE FOR ANYTHING. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:59:03 **

Sounds all too familiar. I had angioplasty and stent placement in 2002. there was leakage from the groin and the cardio-staff on the floor worked to correct the leakage. During the month home from the hospital my leg felt heavy. Cardiologist felt for my pulse in the foot, and immediately sent me to a vascular surgeon. He in turn immediately sent me to the hospital, and operated on the artery. Removed the collegen sponge and repaired the artery with a Teflon patch. Was placed on Coumadin for 6 weeks to clear the blood clot. To this day, 2 years after I have nerve damage to the front part of my thigh down to my knee. I, too, cannot sit in a straight chair at the kitchen table or at my computer for more than an hour when my legs swell and feel very uncomfortable. If anyone knows of any class action suit please let me know at


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:59:17 **

I was beginning to have problems with my angio-seal the very next morning after surgery. My cardiologist that did my heart cath told me something didn't sound right the next morning after surgery but told me to wait for my two week check up for her to do an ultra sound on my leg. Immediately my leg started aching so bad it would wake me up. Before my two week time was up to see my cardiologist for my check up, I had already had an ultra sound on my leg, seen a cardio-vascular surgeon, had surgery to have the angio-seal removed along with blood clots above and below my seal and home from the hospital. If I had waited my two weeks for my check up to see my cardiologist, like she said, I may have lost part of my foot or leg due to the blood clots. I ended up being out of work almost an entire month due to my leg complications. I still have numbness in my thigh. I would like to know if anyone knows how to find out about a class action suit against the angio-seal company. My email is


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:59:32 **

I'm not a woman but since having had the angio seal placed in my right femoral artery 6 weeks ago I have had problems. THere is a dull ache referring from the groin to just above my knee and sometimes shooting pain throughout the groin. I've contacted my cardiologist and he referred me for an ultra sound which showed a small anuerism. Another ultra sound 3 weeks later showed that this had gone but after getting back into exercise again I suddenly got the pain back. I'm thinking of nerve damage and hope that it will settle as the angio seal breaks up and dissipates.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 14:59:49 **

My Dad had the Angio seal put in during the angiogram. He ended up needing a quadruple by-pass and valve replacement. After some ups and dowmns in getting his medication regulated he is doing well after the heart sugery.....the problem is that he began having sever pain in his groin and hip about 2 weeks after his much that he tossed turned all night and nothing would relieve the pain except percocet! This complication makes it difficult to do the walking he really needs for recovery, and the pain certainly detracts from his being able to experience how well he is doing heart wise! When the heart doctor took a very matter of fact attitude when we questioned if the angio seal could be the cause of the pain, I decided to look on line, and I am shocked to see so many of you giving the exact same description of pain as my Dad!An x-ray, was taken as well as an ultra sound and both were neagtive...but the pain remains. If anyone has had this problem, and it cleard up, please give us some encouragement. I do not see any writings about the resolution for those of you with the same problem with this angio-seal.


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**Originall posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 15:00:06 **

I just had an arteriogram done Thursday OCT14,2004 and every since my right leg feels like it weighs a ton and I can not walk any great distance at all or I end up dragging my leg because I am unable to lift it to walk and I can not stand on it for any length of time either. I also had the angio-seal used on me it has only been 4 days since the procedure but it seems to be getting worse instead of better. So what do we do? Where do we get help? How do we fix this? I can not handle this pain, Dayton, TN.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 15:00:20 **

It's only been a week from a cardiac cath and was told to watch the site and the discomfort if any would diminish in two days. It's only been a week but the pain worsens in my inner right thigh, I walk holding my groin to releive the pressure and pain and that's embarrassing but "holds" comfort. Tomorrow I will call the doctors office "again" who said I will be told to come in to be seen. After this I will post another message on this site with what he has to say. But hot oil poured on my leg and lit on fire. That's just sitting. Walking...seems like a knife is stabbing. Ouch! Sorry to hear about all others and I feel for you. Did much internet searching tonight and read a lot and was fortunate to come across this site. Good luck and best wishes!


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 15:00:38 **

I just had a heart catheterization done 4 days ago. To my relief, everything was normal, and they put an angio-seal in my right groin area. When I was getting ready to leave, I felt 2 pops in my lower right side, then felt like I was going to pass out. My blood pressure dropped to 58/30 really fast, thought that I was not going to make it. I had imflamation and bleeding, which the doctors had told me that their was not that much bleeding that occured. Now I have a sharp pain in my lower right side. They tell me that 1 or 2 in 100 that this happens to. Anyone else experience this. I am home now, having some difficulty. When I get bad pains in my side, my head feels really weird and I get very tired and just don't feel well at all, my blood pressure drops to about 90/60. Anyone have this problem? Please, I'd like to know what is going on. The doctors don't seem to be worried about it, but I am scared.


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 15:00:54 **

Read my complications about angioseal it causes anureyseums be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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**Originally posted by user WomenHeart 06/01/2005 : 15:01:11 **

I had a heart cath and angiogram 3wks ago and have been in constant leg and groin pain ever since. They did not use a angio seal instead they just tried to put manual pressure on the femoral artery. They could not get the bleeding controlled after 45min or more of trying in the cath lab. They sent me to recovery where another nurse put pressure as hard as she could for another 30min and was relieved by another who put her total body weight on my groin for 40 more min. This was very painful and I asked why they had so much trouble controlling the bleeding and was told something about a bad angle for the cath puncture. The bleeding went on for about 3 and a half hrs. They put some mechanical device around my hips and pumped it up to hold the pressure. Finally the bleeding was controlled but my entire inner leg went completely numb. They could get no pulse on top of my foot for hrs. Finally went home the next day with a large hematoma and terrible bruising. By the end of the first wk it was taking me 30min to drag myself from the bed to the bathrm and back. None of the Drs.would acknowledge there could possibly be a problem. Finally got one to do an ultrasound which fortunately was neg. but now have femoral neuritis. Whats the answer? I will NEVER have another heart cath.


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**Originally posted by user gracie 07/16/2005 : 02:31:49 **

WOW! How scary to hear all of the same complaints. I had an angiogram on June 7, 2005 and the dr placed an angio-seal in me as well. On July 5, 2005 I underwent an electrophysiology mapping study with ablation of some PVC's. Anyway, I had to stay awake for the first 3 hrs of this 5 hr long procedure. The pain in my right groin...where I had the angio-seal 1 month prior...was extremely excruciating. I cried for most of the 3 hrs I was awake. Then they gave me some meds to make me groggy, but not put me out while they did the ablation (applying of electrical energy to the heart to burn the area causing the fast-irregular rhythm). I woke up in terrible pain crying. I cried most of the night, unless I dozed off for a little while with the help of Darvon and Tylenol. I was dismissed on July 6, 2005 and then on July 8, 2005 I was back at the hospital having a doppler ultrasound done of the right leg to check for a blood clot because the pain was very bad. It was negative for a clot. I am just dealing with the pain and numbness. I do have severe back pain, although I had back surgery in 1993, but I really have been getting along with it just fine. Although, I assumed the severe low back pain I have been experiencing the last few days was probably due to the lying or sitting around..."resting". I do hope this gets better. Good luck to everyone else!


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**Originally posted by user wwenszell 12/03/2005 : 15:26:37 **

I can not believe all the stories I've read on this topic. Can someone please tell me if you've also has pain in your feet in addition to the leg pain? I have a knot coming up in my foot and when I looked up the symptons it says I may have a clogged artery. Of course my leg pain started the very day they put in the Angio Seal on 10/27/05. I'm starting to get really worried after reading these stories. Could I have a blood clot in my foot? Today is Saturday and I'm debating whether I should wait until Monday to see him.

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**Originally Posted by user cath14 12/07/2005 : 21:28:47 **

I am sorry to hear about all of the trouble you girls have had with the angio-seals. I have had 19 caths in 2 yrs., 6 angio-seals had been used on 6 different caths, all in the right groin. I did have initial pain the first 2 caths - pain going down my leg, in my groin and also into the foot. It disappeared after 2-3 months. The other 4 angio-seals caused no problems at all. The pain I did have was very disturbing. It would be a good idea to not wait and have your foot checked out right away. If suspect a clot, you want to get attention immediately.


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