Am I going crazy???

I am an overweight 31 yr old female that has been recently diagnosed with diabetes but the plus side to all of this is that I have recently lost 20 lbs and brought my blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes levels back down to the normal range!! Yay me right, well no! I had a 6 month check up today and found out all is improving well but the EKG they did came back abnormal and they want me to see a cardiologist to have a stress test. The doctor said not to worry because it could have just been the thicker breast tissue blocking the leads reading but of course I panic and here is why: My mother passed away 6 years ago at the age of 41 due to a heart attack (her 3rd one). I have been scared ever since because I have alot of physical attributes she did but I take care of myself and she did not. She was an uncontrolled diabetic as well. I have been diagnosed with an anxiety/panic disorder because I think every chest pain is me dying of a heart attack!! Am I going crazy thinking I am ging to end up like my mom and every chest pain means something is wrong???

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Try to relax and breathe. You aren't dying now. Go get things checked out. I'm glad you have a doctor who is looking out for you! Congratulations on the weight loss. Even a modest weight loss does a lot for hypertension and insulin resistance. Keep up the good work. A moderate exercise program like walking 30 minutes several days a week does wonders too. You have a strong family history which means you will need to be vigilant. I am very sorry you lost your mother so young. Keeping your blood sugar controlled will go a very long way to preventing you following in your mother's footsteps. Elevated blood sugar contributes to vascular damage, which is why diabetics are more prone to heart disease. There are lots of things you can do for yourself to stay healthy and it sounds like you are doing them.

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Thank you so much! I have been worried sick over all of this and I have been working very hard to stay healthy!! Thank you for the support and kind words!

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I agree with yarnkitty. Your family history of diabetes and heart disease and your own risk factors indicates that you need to remain vigilant (and in charge of your own health). You've lost weight and you are seeing the benefits of that action. GREAT!!!!!

Now, your doctor has referred you to a cardio .... so that is a huge step in the right direction. (There are a lot of young women who had to demand that.) The fear is a normal reaction for most of us .... you are not alone in the fear and anxiety that causes. My grandmother and father both passed away from cardiac issues .... so I often think back to that.

While you wait for that cardio appointment, keep up your healthy behaviors.

And please, if your symptoms change or worsen (read up on women's heart attack symptoms), take action and call 911. That is also part of being vigilant.

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