I recently went to my heart dr, and had an EKG and it showed that I have A Flutter, his suggestion is to get ablation. Has anyone had this done and what are the side effects.

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I had atrial flutter shortly after getting my bypass. They talked about two ways to handle it. One, was to be placed on a beta blocker and be monitored in the hospital for three days and the second option was ablation. I opted to try the medication. I was placed on Sotalol 80mg twice a day. Sotalol is the generic for BetapaceAF. I have been on it now for about 14 months with no further episodes of Atrial Flutter or ill side effects. I would discuss this option with you cardiologist first before having an ablation. Good Luck, Shamrock

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Hi, yes I had three in the 1990's. I think now they are much more effective than when I was having mine done. The cryro ablation is said to work quite well. Unfortunately for me my ablations were not successful, but I really had hope if you decide to do it, that it works for you.

take care now!

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I had an ablation done this summer to get rid of my SVT. Once they got in there, they realized that it wasn't SVT and they couldn't ablate it. They did see an atrial flutter which they did ablate though. The procedure itself wasn't bad at all. It really doesn't hurt, you're just sore and tired for a few days. I'm young and I don't like having to take medication, so I was more than happy to have an ablation done. I can't really speak about side effects since they weren't able to fix my problem, but I don't regret agreeing to an ablation. Good luck to whatever you decide on :)

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I had an ablation for my afib around July 4th. Every time I climbed up the stairs , my heart would race 148-180. Sine I had the ablation done, my heart beat comes back down 85-75 bpm. Now going on my 4 th month, I feel better then before. I currently am taking TYKOSYN to keep my heart rhythm twice a day.

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I had an ablation done on Oct 9 for my SVT. Everything went well and agree with the other post, it is not bad or really painful. I was sore at the site were the cathaters went in for a few days and tired for about a week. Now I am start slowly back into normal life. I do not regret the ablation and would do it again if I had to.

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I had an ablation done in November of 2010 and had trouble with the medication afterwards but other than that everything was fine. I wish the first Dr had diagnosed me correctly. Instead he put in an ICD which fired all the time. It was only after my duaghter persued the Long QT diagnosis that I was treated correctly by a wonderful Dr at the Mayo Clinic. Be sure that the treatment you are receiving is the correct treatment. I have had no more ICD firings and my EF fraction improved tremendously. I have more energy to do the things I enjoy in life again and now 2 years later many of fears of tipping over have gone away. Good luck.


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Thank you all for sharing, I feel more confident now and will go ahead with the ablation.

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