100% blocked Right Coronary Artery

I'm brand new here, and so glad I found this message board! Just a litle background info: I'm 54, unable to exercise much due to shattered bones in my foot, overweight and former smoker, don't know father's medical info, mother is 74. I have always been fearful of heart disease. My 51 year old husband having 2 heart attacks in 1 1/2 years, certainly hasn't helped matters. I was put on cholesterol medications about 9 months ago - and have very good cholesterol except HDL is only 27 (it has dropped since I started Lipitor). Because of my heart fears, I opted to have the new 64 slice ct angiogram in March. It was discovered that I have a 100% occluded RCA, but with good collaterols, so the drs. feel there is nothing that should be done. I am on Toprol, Lipitor and 81 mg aspirin. The rest of my arteries and heart looked very good, except for very mild soft plaque in the LAD. I don't know how to live with this. I wish I would have never gotten the test. I worry on a daily basis that I am going to have a heart attack. It is ruining my life. I have not met anyone with the same condition I have. I am going to see my husbands cardio - because I think he treats heart disease much more aggressively than my current cardio. Does anyone here have a 100% blocked artery. I am so fearful that the rest are going to block up. Also had an echo - everything looked fine - EF 55-65%. No ekg has ever shown a past heart attack. Sorry this is so long --- just looking for some support.

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Hello Tomah.
I read your entry. I want to give you a big hug. I do not have your medical issues. I do not have blocked arteries. I am 100% clear. I ate fatty, greasy and salty foods. I have changed my eating happens. Once upon a time I felt food was my universe--it felt good to eat a lot of goodies piled high. Seconds -- count me in. I gained 200 pounds in 10 years from lack of mobility. My heart failure medicaiton caused me t o retain water. I loved regular Coke Cola, loaded with sugar. Depression is a huge part of long term illnesses. I hope you take care of your mental health and get in with a good support group. Well I use to say "if I am going to die, then I rather die with a full stomach". Laughing here. The reality is -- you absolutely no control over DYING.... you are in God's territory.. calling you to a reality check.

The key think to better living is establish a positve life objective by putting yourself FIRST. BIG HUGS FOR YAH, , you have had a rough go 0 ** Yeo! Find good doctors too.

Heart disease is the number killer of women. Most people think cancer is number one. Sex does matter in health matters in the approach to medical care. Be aware of your health good days and bad days....make a daily journal. Be good to yourself .. take up yoga .. take a long walk...mediate ... those seem to keep me sane.

I have had an echo too. No heart attack yet.

Your writing was not long .. this is a place wherre you can free yourself ... writing is an excellent stress relief. I am sorry you are feeling horrible. Just want to give you a big Southern California hug.

I will watch for you.


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I also have a 100% blocked right artery that my consultant is doing nothing with. He said the blood had found another way round so it is OK.He has told me that I had a slight heart attack 5 weeks ago. I also has another artery that is narrowed, but apart from the beta blockers and asprin he is doing nothing. I am in the UK. I also feel frightened and worried, it is the last thing I think about before I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. . I get lots of weird heartbeats, like a double heart beat and it feels odd but I have been told that it is not serious. I know nothing about heart problems as up to this heart attack I had not been near a doctor for years. I have looked all over for support and info.

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Hi, I don't have your problem. I have an aortic aneurysm and a small right coronary artery. The doctor said it was "twig size",right now all they will do is wait and see if the aneurysm grows. I do know how you are feeling. I wonder each morning if this is the day it is going to burst. I worry about the time in between tests if its growing. I'm scared the coronary artery will get clogged. Every pain I have now scares me. I to feel like this disease is ruining my life. This community is the greatest because even if I don't reply to some comments. I don't feel as alone. I will keep you in my prayers. Remember we are all here to receive and give what help we can. Best of luck.

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I'm so glad I found this board - it's nice to know that I'm not alone with my fears! I hope we can share and get to know each other better! Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

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Good day to all. Welcome Tomah . I know that facing everday with heart disease is a frightening experience , however there are ways to combat the fear that you feel. I have had heart disease for 11 years with a list a mile long of things that I have had to face. I very well understand being of afraid of every little pain and the unknown of what will or could happen is terrifying. There are no eassy answers for you or any of us in our situation.
Let me just tell you that I have chosen to take a different look at my situtation. Try thinking of each day as a victory over heart disease. Empower yourself to be knowledgeable about your condition and treatment alternatives. The more you know the better your fight will be. Acceptence of your health problems and your current status will be the beginning for placing your fears in the right order. Most especially, talking about it and talking to those persons that share the same problems that you have. This forum is exactly for people like you and all the rest of us. It's here that we share our stories and lend an open ear and lots of open hearts. It's here that we tell each other that each and everyday counts and that you can have a great life despite this thing that attacks you.
I believe that no matter what comes my way I am in charge of me and I will not give up the leadership of myself to anyone thing including heart disease. You have the power to work through this, just give yourself sometime. There's so much to deal with and to learn about what is happening to you. Come join us here and let those of us that really get it be your strenght and safety line. We all want what is best for each of us.
Hey, I was told almost 8 years ago I'd never live to see 1999, guess someone got it wrong cause I'm still here and going strong. Claim your victory and find your inner strenght, it's there. Just give yourself a little time and day by day you'll gain strenght.
There is great power with great numbers and we are the greatest numbers of persons living with heart disease, but we are LIVING.
God bless you and take care, one day at a time.

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I understand your feelings. I was told in Jan 2006 that I had a 100% blocked left anterior artery. The right side of my heart had been trying to grow arteries over to that side to compensate - not very well. I was fine health wise but had decided to go in and get a physical since it had been so long. My doctor was very aggressive to check out everything. I don't think I had a place on my body that was not proded, poked or squished. The stress test was just one of many checks she wanted done. When they found something wrong they, the cardios, wanted to do the dye job. I was very frighted. I cried from beginning to end. They found the block and I was scheduled for surgery in 1 week. That was the ONLY artery that had ANYTHING wrong with it. Nothing in the others. The surgeon looked when he was doing the bypass and said that my heart was fine but for the one block. No damage from the block and no plaque anywhere else.
Heart disease runs in my family. I was lucky to have just the one bypass. Other family members have had 3 -4 bypasses and have returned for stints. To complicate matters for me I am diabetic as well. That increases my chances for problems.
All of this leads to this: I was scared too. I never wanted to know either. There were days on end that I wishwed I'd never found out. I still wrestle with that. What is the point of this life? What is the point of knowing this, of fixing this? Life has not changed for me overall. I have more meds to take and must be more aware of what is going on with my body even if I don't want to. I can't be so carefree anymore. Still I think about it. +How long will I be here? When this happens I think we become even more aware of our mortality.
Remember, you are not alone. You should get another opinion. If for nothing else than to put your mind at ease, somewhat. Seek till you find a cardio you like and trust. Who will talk to you and be honest with you. Don't settle.
Good luck.

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I understand how scary this can be. Please see another cardiologist - I had to settle the night of my heart attack because they would not call mine. 5 Months later I started going back to my regular cardio and he is very aggressive.

Truly understand the Liptor issue. They have required I drink 5 oz of red wine daily and I take 2000 mg of Niacin. Do not do this without talking to your doctor as the Niacin must be done slowly, however it raised my HDL 20 points. They were amazed. I'm on it three weeks off one - can upset your stomach if you are not careful.

Good luck - please continue to post.

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I too have 100% blockage in my right . I didn't have to have a bypass done because my heart did its own. I am for the most part in good health. I too use to smoke have been a non smoker now for about 11 months yippee....I have good times and I have bad times and it seems when the bad times hit I get very scared. They said I did have a heart attack and like you I am afraid of another one coming. I try not to dwell on it but it is hard to do. I am achy alot of the time but I think that is from the cholestral medication I am on. 80 mgs. of provocal. But my cholesteral is great right now. I get palpations and it seems I feel them mostly during my cycle I am going through menopause. I am 48 yrs old and I am scared just about everyday of my life now. Everyone says I am doing well but I don't trust anyone. I go to the Cleveland Clinic Womans Cardio Clinic. I was just there everything fine. But I just don't believe them either how is that for insecurity. Email me anytime rustycar@cboss.com

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Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support. This is a wonderful caring place. Carolin, I emailed you - I hope we can talk.

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Hi there. I've just left the hospital with a completely blocked right coronary artery. 12 years ago, I had an angioplasty and stent in that artery but this time, the occlusion was 99% and the blockage was about the consistency of concrete. They valianty tried to get through but could not without the possiblility of nicking the artery and causing internal bleeding. So, they're continuing the statins, beta and calcium channel blockers that I've been taking, and added a couple of new meds........Isosorbide Mononitrate and Nicorandil. The surgeons said the rest of my coronary arteries would take up the slack since I only have minimal plaque build-up in those, only age related ones. It's a wait and see game, I think, but I am very hopeful and positive.

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Itoo have this condition amongst others due to a missed myocardial infacrction oonly discovered after four troponin had been messed up and on the forouth peo;ple whizzed and I was up in the ITU then slowing fading to cardiogenic shock and a pulmonary oedema .. that was it I ws out the door could not be moved as too high risk but transfered after a number of weeks for a planned angio this was tried three times but was unsuccessful revealed the blocked right cofronery artery and how the clot had burst through the wall, now the heart muscle was dead where this fed into .. I did have some collateral system kick in but now take medication (loads over twenty different types) daily. Isuppose I am lucky to be alive I now live with heart failure and severe angina, a medical mystery as to why I survived given the amount of errors and misdiagnosises .. I got an uneserved apology from the executive .. I have just learnt from my youngest daughter that I suffered a cardiac arrest in the ambulance and was dealt with with a defrillator but she had blocked this because it was so shocking to her .. unfortunately the notes from the ambulance men to the A&E was not forwarde or lost and I was left for several hours before being transferred to a maxillo facial unit only bed available being treated for a susp ulcer or arthritis .. which many months of going to the GP also was up there as a possible diagnosis despite me having chest pain, shortness of breatrh, pain down my left arm radiating up into my jaw .. scarey stuff .. but not even looked at .. also had an abnormal ECG .. again ignored .. given this catalogue of disasters I don't know why I am here, it appears that a lady has different signs than a man .. mine was burning .. in a man I believe it is a sharp stabbing pain ... whatever it was spectacualaly overlooked ... if anyone would like ot get in touch with me I would love to hear form you .. but if in doubt ladies don't wait , don't neceeearily believe , question, you have have that right it is your life and your health , pester , until you have peace of mind, then you know that they have gone the full mile with you and with a early and proper diagnosis, advantage of full medical advances. As to myself, I dont know what the future will bring I still dont know why or how I survived at all, although I have a chair to use when I et short of breath and chest pain, I tend to be just getting through and living each day at a time. With my best regrds

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I have a 100% blocked right coronary artery. I show no physical symptoms. My cardiologist says that one day it will require a bypass when I do exhibit symptoms i.e. angina pains.
I think we all have to be our own doctor and thanks to the internet this is much easier than it once was. We must inform ourselves and with the reflection provided by a professional make a decision and then stick to it.
Worrying is like praying for what you do not want to happen.

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I have a 100% block in vertebral artery in my brain. I found this out four years ago so I don't know how long it has been closed. Scary. If the blockage builds up slowly colateral arteries grow to feed the blood. Also, if ones blockage is too hard for stenting, there is a procedure called " shaving". It shaves the plaque in a fine mist that is smaller than blood molecules, then is absorbed in liver.

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