Lost my baby brother to WD

This coming Sunday would have been my brother's 36th birthday; this will be a very sad day for our family. Instead of gathering for dinner & ice cream & cake we will have to visit the cemetary. After FINALLY being diagnosed at age 32 with this awful, monster of a disease and suffering terrible neurological symptoms for 3 years my brother passed away Dec 8th, 2011 in the loving home of our parents. I have never felt such pain as losing him and I miss him every day. I talk to him all the time and think of the expressions he would have and the laughter he shared and the hugs and kisses he gave. He truly is my hero as there is no stronger person that I know.

I carry much anger because there were many times he should have been diagnosed starting at the age of about 4 that doctors overlooked. At the age of 10 my mom explained it was like a light switch...he went to bed one night as a happy healthy boy and woke up the next morning as a sad little boy who was diagnosed with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. My mom & dad took him to as many doctors as they could and tried to explain that this wasn't typical psychological illness that their had to be something else but once he was diagnosed with mental illness not one of the doctors searched further. So, shame on the medical profession for being so narrow minded.

Slowly, over the years, the copper took over his brain and it wasted away. At age 32 his neurological symptoms were so severe he was passing out and tremoring uncontrollably. After an ER visit and much proding one neurologist listened to his whole history from birth and said it had to be Wilsons Disease. Sure enough, WD it was. Only, for Matt, it was too late. He was treated right away and magically for about 6 months his obsessive compulsive disorder and depression disappeared and he lived a happy life as he should have been able to all his life. It was wonderful to see him smile and have fun. Then, he took a turn for the worse and gave up the fight in December.

No one should ever have to go thru what he went thru. No parents or siblings or any family should ever have to watch their loved one be consumed by this monster. For those of you out there fighting I pray for you and your continued healing.

I love you Matt and miss you every minute of every day. One day we will see each other again. Happy Birthday baby brother!

Love-your big sissy

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