Safe to Chelate when I still have Mercury Amalgam fillings?

Hi All,
I am sure this topic must have come up before....Is it safe to chelate when you still have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth? Have any of you chelated successfully with Trientine (without bad neurological effects) while you still had fillings? I read that Trientine binds also to mercury among other metals so I am concerned that it will mobilize the mercury from my fillings (via saliva) into my brain, etc. I had an allergic reaction to Cupramine. I developed hepatitis and have been giivng my liver a rest. My internist is talking about starting me on oral EDTA but we have not had the "BIG DISCUSSION" about fillings yet. Thanks, Julie

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I have fillings that I'm pretty sure are mercury. When I was chelated with Trientine, the doctor, a WD expert, never mentioned this as an issue and I had no problems. It's an interesting question though. I would think that fillings are pretty well isolated from an internal chelation process, as from most other internal processes. But I don't really know -- it seems like a question for one of the WD centers of expertise listed on the website.


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Ann, Thanks so much for your reply. It gives me a little peace about the issue.


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I also have silver amalgam (mercury) fillings and take trientine without any problems. I don't think it is an issue.

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Thanks so much for letting me know that you have not had a problem. It really helps to know.


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