How to import Syprine/ Trientine in India.

Just 15 days before my yonger brother has been identified having WD. He is being treated in Pune (India). Our doctor suggested that we should go for Trientine or Syprine. As per the primary information, there are number of formalities to be complited before importing above drugs. e.g. personal license for drug import, Excise exemption certificate etc.

Can anyone guide me regarding completing all necessary formalities? From where we can import drugs? (Doctor suggested me from Univar UK). Is there any pharmacy in India which is importing above mentioned drugs so that we can purchase from them?

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dear Tushar
If you are in Pune you might be able to import Syprine through a pharmacy in mumbai. I don't know exactly which one but if you want me to find out I have brother in-law who has a friend who is a pharmcyist in mumbai.. You can get a licence from the concern ministry in Delhi if you want to import your self. This might take longer and even you might have to pay duty on them. You are familier as to the cost of Syprine.I assume that you are in UK at present. Hope your bro get the medication . If you want to contact me my eamil is

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Dear Tushar

For importing Trientine you need to complete the following formalities :
1 Based on the prescription of specialist doctor to be counter signed by a Govt Doctor, Drug Controller will issue a certificate permitting the import of Drug.
2 In order to obtain Custom Duty Exemption Certificate, please apply to Ministry of Health (either of Central govt or State Govt) along with Doctor's certificate for essentiality of import of drug, Drug controller's certificate, Doctor's prescription etc. The specified formats are available on Ministry of Health web site and the same can be downloaded.
3 Once the Custom Exemption Certificate is received, the same is to be presented to DHL courier through whom the medicine is normally shipped by UNIVAR UK.
4 If you are prepared to pay the cutom duty, all above exercise may not be required.The custom duty may be approximately 15 % of the cost.

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Dear Tushar,

In Mumbai, imported medicines are available at Bhagat Traders- Pharmacist. Long time back when I used to live in Dehradun, we used to get Artamin from this Pharmacy through post. Now as I reside in New Delhi, its easy to get Artamin or Cilamin. I made queries about whether Trientine is available at any medical store in South Delhi but so far I have not found any such pharmacy. I will now ask from Nath Brothers at CP if the medicine is available there. But there is also another aspect, right now I am on D-Pen and doing o.k. Trientine will be very-very expensive. Even if it is avilable in India, I will start taking it only when I am sure that I will be able to afford and continue this treatment.
Best wishes!

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Hi Tushar,
I think you should first find out from the customs wheather for personal use you need any permission,because I imported trinitine last year from USA and it was dispatched by UPS and they just delivered with no duty or questions.There may be an exemption for own use.

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Really thanks to all for providing valuable replies. Finally I managed to get License for import drugs.
After discussion with Dr. Ashish Bavadekar (He is treating my brother in Pune), we came to conclusion that we should not deal with local pharmacist and should import it directly from UK (Univar) so this was my first necessary step toward importing.

For those who are still not gone through process of taking license, I would like to give some suggestions which may be helpful. For application purpose one have to visit New custom house, near RBI, CST, Mumbai. ADC office (Asst. Drug controller) is located on sixth floor. Staff is very kind and helpful and you will get license max. within 2 hours ( I got mine in 10 min.) So it is easy task and one should not take risk of importing medicine without personal license when government is offering it free of cost.

Now my second move is to place order to univar and also to get excise exemptions certificate. For excise exemption one has to approach "Aarogya Bhavan" St.George hospital campus, Mumbai. Required format is available at
additionally you have to attach copy of import license with covering letter of application.They will give you certificate within day or two depending upon availability of Dy.Director of health.
I am writing this all in detail because I know the situation through which I went to find out this information.

If anyone has already placed order with Univar can please guide me in detail?

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Hi all. I got the excise exemption cerificate also. Can anyone please guide me regarding placing order with Univar. I am sending mails to them but no reply from other side. also no one is picking up the phone.

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Dear Tushar
I have emailed Univar Uk Ltd as to proceedure to order Trientine Hydrocloride. I did not have your details other wise I would have asked them to contact you. I dont know if they will contact me or not I have mentioned that I am in USA that might help. If you havent contacted them On the email id I have used you can contact them yourself on the id which is
you can ask Kravi if he hknows the way to contact Univar. hope they wiil contact me.
If they will contact me I will let you know.

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Dear Kalapi
Really thanks for the support. I have already sent mails to as well as to but I have not received reply yet.

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Dear tushar
I just got email asking me to contact for order . I have emailed them asking the sme question again. If you would like to email them on the following email id they may reply Kive my email id or my name so that They know you are my friend. the email Id is

Gope thios will work for you . If it does not lket me know I can try contacting friend in London.All the best

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Dear Tushar
i am sorry I forgot to give you seema's phone to order Trientine the phone is

44 1908 362 208

sorrry I did not edit the previous message in hurry so you might not be able to make it out what I wanted to tell you at the end. If you still can't contact Univar let me know I can try contacting friends in London who may help where about are you in Pune?. I lived in Pune for 15 years. I was in Pune camp just next to Hanuman temple and Jain mandir near M G Road.Hope you don't mind me asking you this.

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Thanks for the reply.
I have one query. If medicine is ordered and if it takes 5-6 days to reach destination can it remain effective with cold chain package? If tabs are not maintained 2 to 6 degrees for 3 to 4 days, what can be adverse effects?

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Dear Tushar,

I have purchased 3 bottles of Trientine from Univer ( Exp. Date Feb. 2012)
After taking two caps on consicutive 2 days i was able to feel severe testicular inflamation.

I've stopped the medicine immediately and have gone a series of blood test but the report shows normal value.
The medicine Trientine has took 8 days in transport to reach me and was not kept in cold chain packageing .

Do you using the same batch of Trientine with out any sideeffect ?
How long time it has took to reach you?
Was it kept in cold chain Packageing?

Now I can't understand what should I do ?
Hope You will help me.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Anupam,

I think we both have trientine of the same batch. BN: 0044E and Exp. date: Feb 2010.

My brother has not experienced any side effect rather than little body pain. He is having 4 tabs a day now.

It took 5 days to reach medicine through cold chain packaging (I dont know exactly what it means because when i received package it was only thermocol covering the bottles). Also as per my discussion with sales exec. of Univar, medicine will not be affected for 2 weeks after despatching from univar even if not maintained in cold packing. So your medicine might not be affected.

What is your Dr. suggestion? If required you can write mail or can discuss with Dr. Bavdekar for your problem if you are taking treatment from somewhere else. Hope you will get solution to the problem.

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i had a testicular pain - and almost stoning of one a them a couple of times over a decade ago - and i'm on D-pen. it never happened again.

Everyone of us is diferent and can react over one one medication.

but i believe that everyone of us felt some strange things during the begining of the treatment

You need to have a specialist giving some guidence.

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Dear Tushar,

Thanks much for your precious information and suggestion.
Today (24/02) I have reached to Pune and hope, will be able to meet with Dr. Bavdekar tomorrow.

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Dear Rui,

Thanks much for sharing your experience.
I've contacted with an specialist( Dr. Bavdekar) in India.


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Dear Anupam,

Good luck and best hopes.

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Please email me any questions regarding syprine.
I will answer most of your questions or concerns

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Dear Devicomm,

It will be very good if you kindly let me know your e-mail id. my e-mail ID is


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Email me any questions regarding syprine>
I will let you know about the import regulation in a day or two

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