Blue ring in toilet from MY copper??

I was just thinking how I've told a few doctors over the last few years that I have been having a blue ring around the toilet in my home that I use the most. You see, I get up in the middle of the night to urinate, and I don't flush because I don't want to wake anyone. With no kids left at home, sometimes I don't get back to that specific bathroom until noon or so. So, every night, my urine sits for about 12 hours in the same toilet.

I have, of course, read up on things that cause "blue urine". None of those really apply. BUT, I was just reading an online article that says if you have a blue ring in your toilet, to suspect copper in your water. My other toilets do not have a blue ring, so I am suspecting it has to do with my urine!!

I can say this with confidence, as I used to use another toilet in my house for the nightly void, and it developed a blue ring. This was alot of years ago, probably 20. Since then, we have replaced the toilet and I switched to a different bathroom(so I could have my own), and now a blue ring in this one, but never developed in the other replaced one.

Anyone else notice this with them?

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