Left field cut

I am wondering since I posted this last April under the old name for the condition (homonymous hemianopsia) and not what it is called now (left field cut or left neglect) that could be the reason I got no answers. I cannot believe there is no one out there with a similar problem. It is a visual disability that usually occurs as a result of a brain trauma such as a stroke, a tbi, or as in my case a brain bleed at age 9 from a birth anomaly known as arterial venous malformation (AVM). Just trying again.

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Hey Beans,
I would like to know more about your symptoms.
With me, my vision issues began in 1996. I started losing sight in my left eye.. naturally when I went to the doc and they found out that Macular Degeneration runs in my family, they said this is what I had. I just didn't feel like I was given a adequate dx. so I went to several other doctors.. some said Mac. Deg. , some said glycoma but the last doc I saw was at Emory Hospital. He just didn't see me having any of the eye diseases that had been mentioned to me in prior visits with other doctors. He asked me many questions about my personal life in my past relationship (s). It was hard to discuss some of the topics but they were ones that led to more of the real root of the problem. You see, I was in a bad-bad relationship years ago and sustained blunt force trauma. He believes that is why I began losing sight in my left eye. Today, when I cover my right eye, it is like i am looking through very, very dark grey matter with my left eye. I have had migraine headaches over time but they are getting less frequent thank the Lord.
Hope to hear from you soon~
Elaine (angelwolf)

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A reply. Thanks. Sorry for the reason you are writing. If you had glaucoma, you would have high pressure in your eyes. Do you? Glaucoma steals the vision from the sides, not the center of your eyes. Does glaucoma run in your family?

If you had macular degeneration, your ability to see would be getting bad in the center of the vision, I think it can happen in one eye, but usually both. You said it runs in your family, but it also hits a large percentage of seniors just because.

Where were you hit? I assume you mean your head. Was it the back, was the right or left side? Was it more than once? Is your vision getting worse still?

Sounds suspiciously like a tbi (traumatic brain injury). Do you have any other cognitive or emotional problems?

I am not a doctor, you know that, just well read. And old.


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Forgot to tell you this. My husband passed away 13 years ago from cardiomyopathy, although he lived with it and needed a transplant for 10 years. His quality of life was bad, though. I see you had a heart attack? Are you ok now?


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My husband has homogeious hemianopsia..... or left side neglect, left field cut.

He got this because of a TBI.

He no longer drives because of it.

What is your original question?

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Sorry, I spelled it wrong probably.... Haven't needed to type it lately.

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That's funny tooth, you're asking a 60 year old brain injured woman what the original question was. I don't know.

Over a year ago when I started on this site, I probably was still looking to know someone who was like me. I never knew another person, and still do not, with my kind of vision. I sort of gave up on that. Thanks for replying, and I sure hope your spouse does well. Love him with all you've got now. I lost mine when he was 47, 13 years ago.

If he wants to tell me anything or talk about vision, please tell him it's ok.

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