Morning After Birth Control Pill and VHL

Hi, I am not on the birth control pill because of VHL. But lately I have had to take the "Morning After" pill because there would have been a change of pregnancy. My pharmacist told me that the levels of hormones in the Morning After Pill is like 6 x's stronger than the regular birth control pill. This scares me. Although this pill may stopped a pregnancy, what about all my tumors I have. I just went through several MRI'S in May, and everything was stable. Do I contact my doctor or OB/GYN doctor and request another MRI to see if the Morning After Pill caused any growth? If not, it will not be until next May I find out where I stand. Concerned in Ohio.

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Sorry, I just saw this post. It would be better to take the pill on a regular basis than to rely on the morning-after pill. The issues is the CHANGE in hormone levels, not so much the hormones themselves. We all have hormones in our bodies all the time. It's the changes that are suspected to stimulate growth.

There are newer formulations of birth control pills that are lower in progesterone and estrogen that ought to be okay. There is no definitive evidence on their effects, one way or the other.

A surge in hormones such as from this pill would not cause a dramatic and sudden change in your VHL status. (It will of course make it difficult for an egg to implant, which is the whole purpose of the treatment.) It is not necessary to have an MRI immediately to check, but do get the regular scans scheduled next May.

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I wouldn't think taking this pill one time would cause any problems. I think you have nothing to worry about!


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