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I have decided to go get surgery at John Hopkins on a fistual that I have been dealing with for more than a year. My question is I need to be over there in MD for about a month and finding lodging is expensive. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any places that cater to patients who are out of state and need to go there and get treated? Help!!!

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Call the main number, and ask if they have a patient assistance program, and/or patient financial aid program... In my experience most hospitals - especially teaching hospitals have a number of programs for folks in your situation: at the very least there are often special patient rates at hotels nearby and they will have a list of participating hotels... Because it is a very reputable med school as well, I suspect they will be well endowed; you need to ask them, and don't be afraid to ask several different departments since not all staff can possibly know everything about what is there....

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thank you so much:) Dawn

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