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Hi all,
My son is covered on his father's health insurance which is changing soon from Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield to Kaiser Permanente. But his care is currently through the medical center at the Univ. of Virginia.
I will be talking to Kaiser and UVA about this but wondered if anyone else here has had Kaiser involved in their treatment for VHL.

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My experience with Kaiser has been very positive. It's affordable, my doctor is able to order all the testing I need, and they have things like the mail order pharmacy that make my life much easier. I still get a lot of my VHL-related things done through NIH because they have the protocols for me. One thing that is fantastic about Kaiser is you will no longer have to wait for referrals for testing or specialists; you're doctor types a few things in the computer and you're set. They make it so easy. I've never had a problem getting my testing done with them. Good luck!

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Thank you for your response. It is of some help and comfort to know you have had good support and testing at Kaiser. I suppose I am just concerned and frustrated as we just moved my son's care to a VHL specialist at the Univ. of VA Medical Center and I really want to keep his care managed by this team of doctors but don't know what the insurance changes will do to that option.
Kaiser also does not have a center near where I live so it makes even routine medical stuff difficult to deal with unless we go out of network.
We'll figure it out though, somehow.

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