Dizzy when you close your eyes?

I had brain surgeries in Oct. & Dec 2007. When I had my follow up MRI in April 2009 I got dizzy durring the test. Since then I get dizzy at very random times but most importantly when I close my eyes to go to sleep. Has anyone else had this happen to them? How can I keep myself from getting dizzy when I get my MRI next week?

BTW...I'll be at NIH 4/19-4/22

Thanks for any help,

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I have to say I've had a lot of dizziness. Even though I had a brain stem tumor removed when I was 18, we didn't know I had VHL until I was 26 (or maybe 27).

Back in 2001 around Oct./Nov. I started getting dizzy whether my eyes were closed or not. After about 2 months, it was finally bad enough that I had to go see my dr. From there it all went downhill. That's when they found a major tumor on my brain stem and the pressure it was putting on the stem was causing the dizziness.

Within a few weeks (by now it was Dec. and I had to wait until after the holidays) I was so dizzy I didn't trust myself to walk around. I also was having trouble with some of those automatic things the brain stem controls like the gag and swallowing reflex. That got so bad that I started having to eat things like mashed potatoes and the like b/c my esophagus muscle (an automatic muscle movement) was on vacation.

Once I had the tumor removed I didnt have any more dizzy spells. Now I have balance problems but it's not dizziness and it's from all the surgeries I had. For example, whenever I try to shut off or turn on the ceiling fan, I sway with it. At first it was a little embarassing and disconcerting but then one day I heard a chuckle. "I just love watching you wobble and sway in time with the ceiling fan, " my adoring husband said from the doorway. After that it got easier to accept my "wobbliness".

Anyway, yes, I had a dizziness issue but it sounds like your dizziness came after an MRI. It reads as if the MRI may have been a catalyst. I'd call and ask my neurosurgeon about the spells. If he's the one ordering the MRI's this info might help direct him to a new area (you didn't say where your brain surgeries were) and maybe find a cause. I sincerely hope there isn't a tumor there but it would be the simplest answer, sadly with a more difficult cure.

Good Luck!!


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I have had dizziness problems. After two brain surgeries and follow-up MRI's the neurosurgeon said it most likely was not from the surgeries or tumors. This dizziness plagued me for some time but had narrowed itself down to when I first would lay down in bed or change my position from standing. The doc sent me to a Neuro-ENT doctor and I had all the tests for balance and hearing. It was determined that I had a positional vertigo. They did a very simple procedure involving sitting up and laying down quickly and moving my head in a certain direction a few times and POOF!! no more dizziness. All gone. They said I could simply repeat the treatment any time it comes back, but so far (3 months) no problems. I would recommend reviewing this with your neurosurgeon to be sure you have the tumor issues in check and them maybe getting to that type of ENT doc if available in your area. Best of luck to you.

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Will you be in the neurosurgery ward at NIH?

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yes, I will be in the neuro clinic on Thursday. My husband will be with me as well. Will you and your son be there? My MRI is on monday as well.

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My son and I are here right now! He is scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday as long as the powers-to-be agree that it will be of benefit. My wife and two of my sons will be flying in on Tuesday to be here for the surgery. I will be sure to look you up.

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I will be keeping you and your son in my prayers that all goes as planned!

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