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Over the weekend I went to the Mall. Despite the pain, I did some walking.
Later on in the evening my right leg
(the leg of my PAD surgery) was painfully swollen. I have some knee-high stockings from the post surgery period, so I put them on. The swelling went down considerably, and the pain was diminshed. I am wondering, should I wear these stocking as a deterrent for pain when walking. Has anyone has my experience; and does anyone use the compression stockings to relieve claudication pain? Thank you for your input..

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It makes sense for many to use compression stockings. From the many patients I have worked with many have a tendency to have swelling in their legs, and on days when weight is slightly up and legs more swollen, they have increased symptoms with walking.

Caution however - if weight is up 5 lbs in a week and/or there is significant swelling in legs - which may or may not be accompanied by shortness of breath - then we advise against exercise and urge patients to see their physician for an evaluation. These can be symptoms of congestive heart failure.

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As unfashionable and constricting as they are, I encourage compression stockings/socks as often as possible. I have had multiple DVT/Varicosities and now peripheral neuropathy in both legs and I can't begin to explain how much better they make my legs feel. Wearing the stockings or compression socks makes all the difference in the amount of time and productivity I can manage in a day.

I sit at computer all day for work and I'm often rebellious, but if I just accept and give in, the socks really help.

I had a very healthy surgeon once tell me he never entered the OR without wearing his own compression socks in preparation for long periods of standing. That comment alone finally sold me on the fact that if this perfectly healthy man relied on them so confidently, then, I, with obvious issues should at least be willing to try in order to save my legs and the misery they cause.

I have recently had to pull out the TED hose due to the extreme un-ease from sitting too long, however, I have bought the Gold Toe knee high, trouser socks for years. They last and last. I find them great for flying, driving or walking longer periods. I've also discovered athletic compression socks which can be bought in knee high and even ankle length. They are great and still appear as 'normal' socks.

I have also discovered the benefits of using essential oils in baths to soak my legs and help to maintain the suppleness of the skin. The circulation problems, plus winter weather make my skin SO dry it is almost unbearable. The essential oils have helped tremendously and provide quite a bit of relief for me.

I am 50 yrs old and hopefully have many more miles to go. I am determined to try everything I can to save these legs. I hope you will too!

God bless and Merry Christmas!


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Thank you so much for your replies and encouragement. I not put them on upon rising, and it makes such a difference. I have found a site on the internet that sells them; I will also check out my local pharmacies i.e
Rite-aid, Pathmark, and Targets.

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Try looking up

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I wear the stockings as needed. When I feel the tightness or the tingling burning pain I put them on.

I should wear them all the time, but they are too hot, which brings on hot flashes for me. Make sure your regular socks are loose at the tops. They may fall down, but the don't cut of the circulation.

Happy Healthy New Year!


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