Abdominal aorta and iliac blockages

Hi everyone. I am so glad to have found this site. I am 65 with diabetes for almost 49 years. I don't smoke. I am 80% blocked in the abdominal aorta but also in the iliac arteries on both sides with stents twice on the right side and once on the left.

I am trying to hold off on getting an aortobifemoral bypass. I hear it is a horribly hard surgery to go through epecially for a diabetic. My VS doctor is going to try and re-stent in left iliac artery next month. The blockage in the abdominal aorta is leaning to the left so between the iliac and that one, I have more pain on the left side. I do walk 1 hr. four mornings a week but the cramping in the left hip is getting more painful.

I'd like to hear from any ladies that have gone through this. Also anyone who has had a bifemoral bypass already. I hope the re-stenting will work to buy me some time. Thanks everyone in advance!!

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I hear more and more about the stents failing. How long did it take for yours to fail? I had my procedure a few weeks ago and everything seems fine. My blockage was right above the two iliac arteries so my pain was equal in both legs.

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Hi Irene. I'm so happy to hear from you. I had my first stent in the right iliac artery 11 years ago. I think stents can get blocked again but in my case I just got more blockage around it and probably below the stent. Next month the doctor will try to stent more in the left iliac.

So was your actual stent put in the abdominal aorta and not in the iliac arteries. I have a big blockage in the abdominal aorta, but was not aware they can stent there as it is such a big artery. I'm sure you will do fine with your stent for a long time. Keep walking and it's great your not smoking anymore. Be thankful you are not diabetic like me! Thanks so much for writing.

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Are you saying you've done 17 stents in the same general area?? My doctor is going to stent both iliac arteries again. I already have 4 on the right and 2 on the left. It's my left hip that hurts when I walk as I think I have new blockages. I think the diabetes probably makes plaquing up worse over time. Thank you so much for your reply.

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To be honest with you I'm not sure. I will see my surgeon next week and I will ask him.

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Irene, ask him if the stents are in your abdominal aorta or in the iliac arteries. I always get a copy of my tests so I can see on the picture they draw just where I'm blocked. The way I understand it the aorta runs down to about the belly and then they splits into the iliacs down to the legs.

I have you on my friends list now too so you always leave me a message if you want or have any questions. You are where I started eleven years ago with this vascular disease!

Chat later! P. S. I was born in Detroit and family lived in Saint Clair shores for years!!

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