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My husband has had 4 Jevtana treatments, and has severe anemia so he is also getting the aranesp shots. He is in pain every day from various side effects. Last PSA was 2030ish, we'll get new results next week. I'm thinking we need to stop the Jevtana and move on to Zytiga. I've heard about MDV3100 in addition, but it's not approved yet. Has anyone gone back to Jevtana after Zytiga, or is there another chemo option? Roy does see an oncologist locally who works with a Chicago specialist.

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Patcheroni, I was on Jevtana for nine months, during which it reduced my PSA from almost 1,000 to 140. But the side effects — primarily neuropathy and exhaustion — became severe enough that I swiched to Zytiga. After four months, Zytiga further reduced the PSA to 40. But Zytiga's complication was dizziness that became so severe that one day I could not stand up without experiencing vertigo, and it caused me to lose a sense of balance. It took physical therapy to retrain me to walk without lurching like a drunk. I quit Zytiga and relished a month without any chemo, which felt great and enabled me, with PT, to regain strength in legs and hips. Now I'm back on Zytiga, but at one pill a day rather than four; already I can sense a bit of imbalance, which I suspect will be cumulative and cause problems. I'm scheduled to see a practitioner who will determine if I'm a candidate for Provenge. Good luck to your hubby.

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An update: almost fell down a mercifully short flight of steps last night. I don't wish to go through that again, especially with 13 steps to our second floor. So no more Zytiga. And, blessedly, I'll wean myself from Prednisone, which has left both arms a welter of red spots. My oncologist says the company claims it has no reports of dizziness causing a user to stop Zytiga. Well, there's always a first.

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I did Jevtona with no side effects but it was not doing me any good, my PSA continued to rise. Treatment was switched to Zytiga mid November and have been taking 1000 mg since daily. For first 9 weeks PSA was dropping then leveled for 4 weeks and back up again somewhat higher than before. Two chemo and Zytiga treatments required that I take Prednisone. Except for minor blurring of vision I had no other side effects. My prostate cancer is only in lymph glands - all over. Prostate is clean after proton treatments. We're trying to decide what to do next since my oncologist and second opinion doctor in another state do not feel Provenge is the way to go for me.

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Zytega has been my newest god send. Stopped all my pain and reduced my psa to 7. No notable side effects. I was hoping for another 10 years like Lupron but tragically my psa has started going up after only 9 months. I have had Provenge and maybe that helped. My tests last week show no cancer in any vital organs or lymph nodes but continued spread or growth in my skeleton. In my fight with this cancer I have had pain so intense I was given morphine pills. I still have some so I am ready if it returns that bad.
I wish you all of the very best and encourage you to keep fighting. My war has been going on almost 20 years. 18 and counting! And I have had some good living with quality plus! It is in the spirit believe me. And yes sometimes I just want to quit but than who would lead this parade. Blessed are they that are diagnosed and given treatment before the cancer spreads.

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I have been on Zytiga for about 3 months. I have heart failure and know Zytiga is not recommened for people with HF but it is one of my last chance drugs. Had a very difficult time getting start and ended up in the Emergency Room after about a week with my heart beating 130BPM for three days. Dropped off Zytiga and my heart dropped back to 75BPM. Restarted Zytiga at 500mg per day and increased my time to I take pills to 3 hours after eating (take pills) and waiting 2 hours to eat which helped. Over a couple of weeks worked up to the normal dose of 1000mg per day.

I also had trouble with being very dizzy for the first couple of months but that is better now. PSA dropped at first monthly test but has increased the last 2 months now at 87. My Doctor is suggesting Jevtana chemo but my feet are numb and my fingers are numb at the tips. More tests next week, new spots on the bones scan and spots on my liver.

I have taken the following for the last 30 months 1Xchemo, Lupron, Zometa, Provenge, Radiation to spine and now on Firmigon, Xgeva, Zytiga. PSA 187 10/2009 now 87 and rising.

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I was on Jevtana last year and it decreased my PSA into the 200s. I went off it because I was getting tired of the side effects (fatigue and shortness of breath). At the end of the year my oncologist started me on Zytiga. In the three months I took it my PSA went up to 301 and then to 392. Obviously Zitiga did not work for me.

I started Jevtana immediately after ending the Zitiga, and I have had two treatments. My PSA dropped to 315 after the first one. I just received my second infusion. I am expecting severe fatigue and shortness of breath again next week ( as in the previous second week after the first infusion), but I hope to see the PSA get reduced again. I also get Neulasta and XGEVA as part of the treatment.

I have been on Taxotere on three previous occasions. It brought my PSA down each cycle.

My kidneys have been affected. I had bilateral kidney stents for over a year, but 3 months ago I had to have nephfrostomy tubes inserted because my kidney function was greatly impaired. The tubes have helped and my creatinine levels have dropped nearly to normal numbers.

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There is chemo option, oral, - XL184. It is still on trial, but you might be able to get into one of these. it works well with bone mets and might also have some effects on soft tissue. I have been on it for 4 months. It has stopped the spread of my bone mets and the excruciating pain that was associated with them. After 6 weeks it reduced the bone metastases by 50%, but since then has not reduced them any further. Still, the pain relief is nothing short of amazing.

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I applied for participation in the clinical trial for XL184, but I was rejected due to some of of my other medical problems.

I am glad that you are have success with your participation.

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Thanks so much everyone, for all the info. We ended up in the ER last tuesday because we could not get the back/shoulder pain under control at home. Roy's PSA was over 3000, and his alkaline phosphates are rising, indicating the cancer is active in the bones. Even with the taxotere and jevtana, the PSA hovered around 1400 to 2000, so the increase to 3000 is not as over the top as it might seem. We kind of new that the pain would rear it's ugly head because the numbers were so high - we just didn't know when and where.

Roy's morphine was raised from 100 mg. every 8 hours to 160 mg. every 8 hours and he is receiving radiation to 6 different areas in the top back/shoulder area. He got to come home Friday with extra morphine for break thru pain.

He'll get zometa and an aranesp shot on Monday, and we meet with the oncologist on Tuesday for our new game plan. It helps to know what else is out there for the future treatments. We began chemo on September 26, 2011 with taxotere (5 infusions) and had the last jevtana in February 2012 (4 treatments). I'm hoping for a better length of time with Zytiga and future treatment choices.

Somehow we do still stay positive and enjoy everyday! Wishing good days to all of you....


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There are other options available and you could try salvestrols if any of the other drugs like Jevtana or Zytiga fail to work.

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Where was the XL184 trial that you applied for?

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