Weight-Lifting, Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

It's documented that if you do heavy weight lifting with three sets of each routine, the body will produce T, especially on an empty stomach.

I do dead-lifts for lower body strength three times a week and also use the doorway Iron Gym for upper body strength, and am somewhat concerned that I could be feeding my PCa. But, I'm not sure if the amount produced as a result of the training is significant enough to warrant my concern.

I've done a lot of reading and research for my early stage PCa, but have not seen a single article regarding this.

Anyone familiar with this? Your comments are most appreciated.



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It would help me a lot if you could send me the references on testosterone and weight lifting. There in the references could be the answer. Regardless of that, I would keep an eye on the ultrasensitive psa. I am a marathon runner so expect there is also a lot of estosterone around, with nop problem so far. My surgery was june 2008.


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Some of the newer research states that Testosterone may not be a bad thing for all men. Infact it may actually depress future growth .

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Hola, Ricardo

Here's a response from an M.D. to my question on this topic and a link. What really surprised me was the protein - testosterone correlation in her reply.

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Hi Bob! I'm including a link to a very small study that showed that anabolic hormones including testosterone and cortisol are elevated after weight lifting. It seems the more sets you do, the higher the levels are during recovery. It's hard to say whether this bump up would be enough to stimulate tumor growth. One thing you might want to do is cut back on your protein intake. High dietary protein can increase IGF-1 levels, a hormone that can stimulate growth of prostate cancer. Here's the link to the article:

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I've got another PSA scheduled for the end of the month.

Good Health to You!


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I've seen similar articles. I would think that if you don't have PCa already, the testosterone isn't harming the prostate. But if the PCa is established, everything I've read indicates it fuels the cancer cell growth.

Good Health to You!


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gentlemen -

you may want to check out the postings on the 'Exercise' group at the 'New Prostate InfoLink' http://prostatecancerinfolink.ning.com/ .

i have posted several references, particularly w.r.t. exercise for men receiving ADT. there is also an excellent reference to a summary article - 'Exercise therapy across the prostate cancer continuum' by Antonelli J. et al.

in addtion to this group, i encourage you to join there too.

rick d.

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ADT arrests PCa (unless you are hormone insensitive) . So if you are raising your T and you have PCa you could be putting yourself at risk.

That said as someone who has been on ADT and has no measureable T. I find my self in a double bind situation where I 'd like to see some of the positive aspects of normal T (libido, muscle mass, energy etc) but on the other hand I worry about my PSA rising once my T comes back.

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I am on intermittant hormone therapy having had a prostatectomy 12 years ago and since then I have a recurrence of PSA every 2 years or so. Each time I have the injection, my testosterone goes down to around 10 along with my PSA (to <0.1) and libido etc, As time goes by, my T increases which increases my PSA. It's a "catch 22". To protect myself from osteoporitis when my T gets so low,

, I lift light weights and walk several times per week. I had a Bone Density test last year and my scores are excellent. I credit the exercise etc. for this.

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You remark "early stage PCa." Please elaborate as to what you consider early stage? Gleason Score? Number of tissue samples from biopsy with cancer? Of that number what percentage of cancer? PSAs prior to and since biopsy? If PSAs are on a continuous rise, the cancer is being fueled - not as much by the testosterone as by the conversion of that testosterone (T) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), since it is DHT that is 5 to 10 times more powerful a stimulant to PC cell growth than is T. Weight lifting is most certainly good for your cardivascular as well as bone health, and I guess a question would be is just how much is testosterone increased by this exercise? Have you had your testosterone level checked, and if so, what has been the change in level? Many questions to consider. I certainly wouldn't give up the weight lifting. You should probably also have our DHT level determined. The higher it is, the more likely to have an affect on PC cell development.

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Biopsy on 9/21/09, baseline PSA was 6.1, 12 needle biopsy, one core right apex contained 5% PCa, prostate volume 55.5, Gleason 3+3, stage T1c.

I keep forgetting to ask my urologist to order the T and DHT levels. Thanks for reminding me.

Next PSA will be in February 2010 with the 2nd biopsy in March. I'm staying on Active Surveillance until things change. All my stats meet the Johns Hopkins AS clinical trial criteria, BTW.

Best Wishes,

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It's interesting that DHT fuels cancer, not testosterone. Dr. Walsh doesn't recommend early hormone replacement therapy and Dr. Mulhall, "Saving Your Sex Life," from Sloan-Kettering questions the relationship between testosterone and prostate cancer. Considering this, I've begun to wonder if it isn't something about the quality of testosterone that is important. Also, what is considered undetectable PSA? My husband's, after 4 months after RP is .049.

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To all, - Although it is the conversion of testosterone (T) to Dehydrotestosterone (DHT) that is felt to provide the main fuel for PCa growth, that conversion can't take place without the body first producing the initial testosterone.

That is the basis for Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT). Stop the body's testosterone production and block the T acceptance by the body's receptors. No testosterone = none to convert to DHT. - John@newPCa.org (aka) az4peaks

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I wonder how this would affect the PSA after RP w/nerve sparing surgery? Would the PSA rise due to weightlifting and possibly cause problems?

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I don't remember the details, but recently I read an article about two men who took a supplement advertised in a weight-lifting magazine and both developed advanced prostate cancer--apparently over a short period of time.

I realize that this is not the issue being discussed here but my point does deal with weight lifters.



John 16:33

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