Penis Extenders or Enlargement for ED

After treatment for ED many men and their partners report atrophy of the penis. On other sites various penis extenders or enlargement devices have been mentioned. Do they work? The ads say you need to wear them for a certain number of hours per day. Are they something that can be easily concealed under normal clothing. Any input and experience or recommendations would be welcome.

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I never see them mentioned in any presentations or articles on penis rehabilitation programs. The prime work currently available "Saving Your Sex Life" makes no mention, not even dismissive. They are never mentioned on the PCa forums for gay men (who are wont to try more toys than the straight population).

I have always had the sense that they are designed primarily for the benefit of those who market them.

If your spouse were to research this and contemplate what their "protocols" entail, I doubt that this question would be raised. A good marriage and/or sex counselor will probably do more good.

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I have seen them mentioned on PCAI Prostate Cancer and Intimacy by men who were getting ready to have an implant done for ED. Apparently their surgeons suggested using it to stretch things out to make room for the longest implant available so that the implant would have the best results.
I never saw them mentioned on here.

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My name is Mitch and the company I work for specializes in penile rehabilitation after treatment for prostate cancer with the vacuum device. A lot of men that have their prostate removed or experience ED over a period of time will experience penile atrophy. The vacuum device is great for penile rehab because it brings in oxygenated bloodflow to the nerve endings that may have been damaged when dealing with the prostate (no matter what treatment for the cancer) for rehabilitation purposes. The great thing about the vacuum device is that its going to give the patient the best chance to get back to having natural erections on his own, in the quickest time frame. A lot of patients like the vacuum device over other treatments for ED because its the only treatment for ED that actually prevents penile atrophy and promotes penile lengthening.

So the answer to your question is yes, the device that I mentioned does work. The best thing is its 100% safe and 98% effective.


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