Went to my family doctor, complaining of sore legs, sore arms and a general feeling of being incredibly tired ..He said, it sounds like the hormones you are taking. I said I have emailed Dr. Norman (my urologist) about 2 months ago, complaining about the same thing.
There was no reply which I found strange. I asked him if I could drop down to the single dose Casodex . He said "Didnt you know" Dr Norman has left the profession.

Immediately went down to Urology Consultants, found this incredible oncologist/urologist (from South America)( Dr. Ricardo Rendan)
"You can either continue with the high dose regimen or drop it down to 1/day and take Lupron Depot.

This, I said was successful at one time but not any more. He said, "I am going to put you on Nilandron". It is far more effective than Lupron and is just as potent keeping your PSA down. Shots are 1/month but far more effective and you can rid of most of the hormone symptoms. This had just been approved in Europe and USA. He made a very interesting comment. He said: with so many men taking hormones, eventually, they are not going to work any more. I am chairing many committees here in Halifax (Dalhousie) for several trials that is going to put the onus on the medical profession to keep ahead of this.

Any comments--I was very impressed by this.
This man has trained in Europe, South America and Princess Margaret in Toronto( he knew all the guys I knew in the thermal ablation process)


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I'm confused (more than usual!). Nilandron is the brand name of nilutamide. Nilutamide is an ORAL (pill) drug that is an antiandrogen agent, like bicalutamide (Casodex). In fact, it's usual role in the US is when bicalutamid has stopped working and the patient is considered to be suspect androgen independent...when he may not be.

a. It's a pill not a shot
b. It can be effective in place of bicalutamide, but often is not.
c. It's a secondary antiandrogen.
d. It would normally be given WITH Lupron or Zoladex.
e. I don't know the usual dose.

Herb S.

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Nilandron is given by injection only. The first is 265 ml and 85 ml for each shot for each consecutive month. It is similar to Lupron Depot except Nilandron is given once per month. It is much more effective than Lupron with fewer side effects.Its given instead of Lupron. I am also taking 50 mg of Casodex(orally) daily with this instead of high dose casodex (3x 50/day) I have been taking high dose Casodex for over a year. Symptoms of leg pains, general weakness was fairly severe
Check out Nilandron on the net

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I have read that Nilandron is given orally as you say. My drugs had to be special ordered and it came in injection form. I guess it depends which country you get it from. I live in Canada

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I am confused about one statement in your post.

"He said: with so many men taking hormones, eventually, they are not going to work any more."

Eventually hormone therapy fails is every man. But, the above statement suggests that your doctor thinks that hormone therapy is eventually going to stop being effective for anyone at sometime in the future. Prostate cancer is not a virus that is passed on from person to person and eventually becomes resistant to an anti-biotic drug. Practically everyone responds to hormone therapy for a period of time. There is nothing happening out there to suggest that the number of men who respond to hormone therapy is declining or will decline. I am not sure what exactly your doctor is talking about.

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Sorry, but I'm going to be a pain-in the you know where. Nilandron is a pill. It is an anti-androgen like Casodex. A search of Google fails to find "injectible nilandron".

Please check with your MD. Either he/she is way ahead of the curve, is working off the grid, or you mis-heard the name of the medication. Please let us know which it is.

As noted, Nilandron is a reasonable second line anti-androgen when Casodex has failed. But is that your situation?

Herb S

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I humbly apologize. The name of the drug is "Firmagon" or Degarelix I received my first injection yesterday of 160 mg followed by monthly injections of 80 mg.
My Casodex has not failed but I am getting Firmagon (80 mg/month) plus 1 50 mg tablet of Casodex (Bicalutamide per day

I was getting some serious side effects from the High Dose Casodex (3 tabs/day)
The last PSA was 0.48

Sorry and Thank you

Jim Sutton

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I probably was not clear when I was quoting what my Doctor was saying. He was saying that in many cases, hormones could be considered "salvage therapy in high doses"( in time some men find the hormones to be less effective than they once were (rising PSA's) and were becoming refractive. I think the Doctors are looking at other methods of controlling PSA and that is the main purpose of some these new trials

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