Flying after radiation ....?

For those of you who've completed radiation (standard or proton) therapy to treat your prostate, have you had any major discomfort in the prostate area when you flew shortly after completing the treatment? One guy flew overseas 2 days later after completing the total treatment and he reported that due to the decompression and air pressure in the cabin, he felt miserable the whole flight in his prostate area. Discomfort went away when he landed. Radiologist said that (the discomfort) was "normal" since prostate was still "raw" from the treatment and needed time to gradually heal up and any pressure would likely aggravate the situation for the first few weeks. For those of you who flew shortly after the completion of your radiation, what was your experience? Thanks.

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I flew two weeks after having HDR and IMRT and just made sure I emptied my bladder prior to each flight segment. The longest of which was 2 1/2 hrs. I had no problems.

Good luck and hang in there!

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I flew from Portland to Las Vegas(two hours) about a month after IMERT. Still very weak from the radiation and did not eat or drink before the flight and had zero problems except for my back hurting sitting inthose seats. It would seem to me that to fly overseas two days after treatment would be playing blackjack with a losing hand. Treatment is no joke. It takes time to recover from being blasted with radiation. I have been out seven years and I am still weak even though I am 75. When I fly to Las Vegas now I still get very weak. Treatment changes us forever. When I had my CatScan last Friday I was sick for two days after drinking two bottles of poison. Jon

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Absolutely no problem flying - cross country and Europe.....

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Arn't you a hero flame. Are you typical of most of us. Would you suggest everyone do that. What kind of treatment did you have? How long afterwards did you go? There is always someone who is better than most. Flying, no ED, No side effects, flying. Did you crap in your pants? Pee every five minutes. I suppose you rode your motorcycle cross country after that. Tell us about your side effects flame or are you unique. I feel something terribly pretentious about your answer. You are wonderful. The rest of us are dealing with the results of treatment. Jon

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