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After surgery, radiation coupled with hormone therapy, which all have proven futile, my dads psa is up to 1.5. All the posts I have read on this site are of people, considering or have been recently treated at Dattoli center. Can anyone share with me experiences after treatment?? Has anyone been cured or had substantial disease control, or anything similar. My dad is going there in the next month and I would like to know if there really is a benefit..

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I think your father will find his experience with the people and facilities at the Dattoli Center to be exceptional. You mentioned Sand Lake Imaging in the title of your post so I assume he has already been there or will go there prior to treatment at Dattoli.

I had salvage radiation treatment at the Dattoli Center 3 years ago after my PSA was rising after surgery. Prior to going to Dattoli, I had a Combidex scan (similar to what is being done at Sand Lake). At this time my PSA is non-detectable. Every patient is different and no one can predict what the response to therapy is for an individual but the published data from the Dattoli Center does show excellent long term effects when evaluating the statistics of a large number of men through the years.

The best to him in his treatment.

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Wondering again if there is some value with the Myers/Sandlake/Datoli routine or at least proceeding with step 1a Myers appt? My care is top notch and have seen other Dr's & Med Onc at top places for opinions. Nothing insightful from that.

Been through rp, imrt, chemo, drill and most recently a crack at intermittent ADT but PSA & T quickly returned after ADT. New scans soon (no known visible mets thus far). Will start androgen blockage immediately.

I presume if SandLake found something outside of the PC bed (that regular scans don't find) that I'd be referred to Datolli for radiation? But in the end if I have micro mets throughout my body, that radiation may eliminate one source but I may have others that aren't treatable except with standard care (ADT if not CRP). So what's the value? Except peace of mind and more data?

Sorry just puzzled again and want to ensure I am doing everything reasonable. Thoughts , comments welcome.

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I had an open radical prostetectomy 10.5 years ago followed by a slowly rising PSA. Did a year of triple blockade hormonal ablation and nine months after going off that, the PSA started rising rapidly as the testosterone came back up, similar to your case. Dr. Myers suggested a Combidex scan (no longer available but the scans at Sand Lake are similar), which found a node outside the prostate bed. Then went to the Dattoli Center for IMRT salvage radiation. They also found some areas with color Doppler ultrasound which were radiated. The radiation was completed almost 3 years ago and my PSA is still non-detectable.

Of course there are no guarantees for any treatment for any individual. However, I think if you have an evaluation by Dr. Myers, it may be determined that there are other options which you and your medical team have not considered.

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Thanks DPH. Your message is encouraging . I think I'll give it ago .

May I ask? Was Datolli covered by insurance. I know Snuffy is cash on barrel.

Continued health to you!

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Thanks for posting. I had a de Vinci prostatectomy in 09 (PSA 9, Gleason 3+4, clear margins but found one lymph node) and PSA has gone up from 0.01 to 0.28 with it doubling in past 9 mths. Am considering
1. IMRT in Newport News, Va
2. Proton Beam in Hampton, Va
3. Going to Sand Lake for better imaging & treatment by Dattoli
4. Looking for another facility near Newport News, Va
5. Looking for another facility near Baltimore, Md
6. Want to find a facility where people think outside of the box and provide integrated therapies.

Do you have any idea of how high I can let my PSA go up while I make a final decision?

Thanks for your help.

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The question should not be how high to let the PSA go before deciding. It is more important to accurately determine the doubling time with several PSA tests. You said there was an increase from .01 to 0.28 but did not indicate over what period of time although you said it doubled in the past 9 months. You decsion should be guided by a physician who is well versed in evaluating your situation and helping you make the appropriate decision.

The advantage in locating lymph nodes that may have tumor cells in them but are outside the prostate bed area is that the radiologist can then specifically target those areas rather than just the prostate bed thus giving you a much better chance of eradicating the tumor. Unfortunately, there are few places that can do a thorough assessment of where involved nodes might be. Sand Lake is one of those.

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I am headed to SandLake in 2 weeks. Hope they find the beast. Hopefully my medonc will play nice w Snuffy and Bravo.

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