Blood in semen

My husband had blood in his semen for close to 3 yrs. before the PCa diagnosis. Doctors insisted it was not uncommon and just ignored it. It would have been better if he had been diagnosed earlier than this year - PSA 6.2, Gleason 3+4. He is on hormone therapy (Casodex followed by a 6-mo. shot of Eligard) and is now down to his last EBRT treatments. Is doing well but still think it would have been better earlier. If you have this problem, insist on further testing.

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Yes, it is not normal to bleed from your penis for any reason at any time.

A failure of a Dr. to react to this is also a failure to diagnose.


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hi am sorry for all that is going on in your health life we wish you well, although i have yet to do this as i trust my onco dr. it sounds to me you all might want to start considering a second opinion. good luck in decission making our prayers will be with you.

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Just to clarify - the drs. who dismissed the blood in semen were at the VA Hospital, not the drs. who are now treating him for prostate cancer. I'm sure the VA can be good and we had been pleased up to now. However, our current urologist tells us that the government has different standards. For example, when my hubby's PSA was 4.9 they did not perceive that to be high, but of course, the civilian dr. did and sent him for a biopsy immediately. So glad we did see a different dr. and we are very pleased with our current team of doctors. Thanks for your well wishes. The same to you...

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Only had blood in semen after a prostate biopsy

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What's strange is that he had blood in his semen for 3 yrs. before the biopsy/diagnosis, but never since.

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Medicine is medicine. The VA is manned by the same Drs. who treat civilians every day. Any Dr. who told you another Dr. has different standards is playing word games. Did I say medicine is medicine?

PSA in a vaccum means nothing. A PSA of 4.9 under certain circumstances is an urgent condition to be examined at once. It takes a Dr. to put it all into context.

A Dr. is a Dr.

The VA is an administration responsible for paying for certain medical treatment for certain individuals.

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We have definitely felt more confident in the care received at our regional urology clinic. Since this field is their specialty, I feel that they are more equipped to deal with this disease than places that treat a variety of diseases. I know there is good and bad medical care everywhere. It is very important to have doctors that you feel confident in, that give you the needed info to help make your decision and spend time along the way keeping you informed and encouraged. We feel blessed to have the team of doctors that we are now using.

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Blood in the semen usually indicates infection in the prostate gland. Antibiotics normally take care of this. The fact that you only experienced this once probably means that this was the case and had nothing to do with your prostate cancer.

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Perhaps it did have nothing to do with prostate cancer, but after going on for three years, there had to be something wrong. Doctors insisted it wasn't unusual. They did do a biopsy at one time but it didn't reveal any abnormality so no treatment was ever offered. Anyway, if anyone else has this problem, I would INSIST on further testing.

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When i was Passing blood from my penis it was caused by bladder cancer. Had it removed and had chemo that was 15 years ago.
now it is prostate cancer not related to the bladder cancer.

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