Can't get sugar down to normal levels

I had my wife take me to the E.R. 2 days ago, I was having problems seeing and my sugar was testing ffrom 360 to 400 and rising. I had already taken an extra dose of metformin and glyburide. ER Doc treated me for DKA with an IV and insulin shot. They discharged me with a 287 sugar reading and increased my metformin dose.
Since then I have had almost no carb intake, 850 mg of metformin 2x a day, major stomach pain, insomnia and diarhea.
I can't get my sugar down below 200 even if i dont eat, eat just protein etc.
Does anyone have any ideas on whats going on with me, could i have become resistant to my meds and is it ok to wait 3 more days to see my regular doc

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I believe that 3 more days is about the maximum. Be sure to take a written record of all your results as well as what you've been eating. If you get put on insulin don't feel like a failure, We just can't prevent the breakdown of our pancreas as we age.

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I was going through the same as you. My regular Dr ended up sending me to a Diabetes Specialist. He infomed Me that my pancreas. Was no longer producing insuline. He put me on the insulin pen Lantus Solastar. It has helped bring my level down. Maybe you need the insuling to help you. I pray things work out for you. Hugs, Dottiemaye

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Drink a lot of water also I buy the diet snapple lemon tea.The lemon brings down your sugar fast.If you can stand it eat a lemon.The diet snapple lemon tea works for me every time..

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HI studlylilmouse,

I had the same question and asked on Healthtap:

Here's the answer I got: Diabetes type 2 is always progressive. Your job w our suggestions is to slow the progress. All patients if they live long enough (most pts will live long enough) will need insulin (insulin is your friend). Now there a few other options before going to insulin, so go see doctor in order to get your fasting sugar b/w 100-120. It can be done no question about it.

I think you need to see a real doctor! Good luck!

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Drinking water may be a good choice. Did you ask for doctor's suggestions? It may be affected by your ER experience.

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