Thyroidectomy Recovery

I had a partial thyroidectomy at age of 15 due to enlarged nodule. I am 50 now, and do not really remember recovery back then. I just recently (July 5) had complete thyroid and isthmusectomy due to multiple modules with herthle cells changes. Pain was minimal, hospital stay was extended only because allergic reaction to pain med, had sudden calcium drop in hospital, but all better now. I am 13 days post op. Started on levothyroxine 112mcg on 7/14/11. The first couple of days could not really see a change. On Sunday woke up and felt like a train had hit me. Also felt like a golf ball in my throat. Normally I am very active, and happy. I feel like now I just want to stay in bed and never get out. Is this normal? I dont see endo till 8/25/11 for blood test. I really need to get back to work, and I am afraid to do it. I feel foggy in my head.
I just got married in April, and bless my husband he has already put up with me having major surgery.
I guess I am asking for guidance, reassurance that things will get better.
Thanks for anyone who will comment. I need all the help I can get so I can get back to normal!!

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NRHTX, I am so sorry to hear about your struggles! I think most people are responding because they haven't had an isthmusectomy. I'm not familiar with that either, just the TT. It took me a good 2 weeks to start feeling back to my normal self after my TT (16 mo. ago and am doing great), and I see that is was around day 13 that you wrote. So I hope that you've seen some improvement since then. I also hope that your labs in a couple of days give the doctor some insight in how to get you back to normal. Keep us updated!

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