Can i loose weight after a total thyroidectomy

Hi i am 21 years old. In 2009 after giving birth i was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism & Graves Disease, i was a healthy 11st when i was diagnosed. In the year to follow 2010 i drastically lost weight, i was down to 7st. I had a total thyroidectomy in dec 2010. I gradually started to put the weight back on, and now i am 13st!! I am on 200mg of Levothyroxine now and my levels are noram atlast!!. I am really depressed with my weight gain, i have dieted excersised everything and i just seem to keep putting more weight on. I feel really uncomfotable. I would judt like to know if their is any hope out there of me loosing any weight, please can someone give me some good advice please... thank you so much :/

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In 2004 i was diagnosed with Grave's and had RI treatment. Within a month i had gained 20lbs and started taking Levothyroxine. I continued to gain weight and dosage increased gradually forever, till last July. All of the doctors said i needed to find the right dose, exercise and not eat so much. I was eating nothing and gained 70lbs, had all the symptoms if hypothyroidism and depressed. i researched and found information about others having the same issue. I asked my doctors about it but all dismissed it. well finally they started giving me both hormones. It wasn't an immediate but i did stop gaining and had a lot more energy. Lately i have been researching the best foods to eat. I am eventually plan on losing the whole 70 gained plus another 20.

So my advise is to educate yourself as much as possible. That and do not think the doctors know everything. Every thing the doctors know is available to you also. I always tell myself (after many years of hell) think as if it is one of my kids or my siblings needing answers. It makes me fight a little harder. I wouldn't take the depression meds. I knew it wasnt "real" depression. I still felt depressed taking them plus having a "fuck it" (sorry) mood. I didn't like that. So don't stop fighting for you. You know what your normal feels like.


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Hi I'm 20 have graves disease and did rai and I hate it!!! I regret it big time!!! I'm sad hate life depressed !!! Help me

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I am also gaining weight... from a 10 to a 16 tipping on an 18 !!! Tired everything... even Atkins... it does not work.... I loose little and gain more.... I watch what I eat and how much.... the only way to try and stop the maddness is eat next to nothing... and exercise.
I'm thinking of trying the iodine pills and then a gastric sleeve... I don't want to be LARGE... read my other posts and find the link about the iodine. Good Luck....

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