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Just begining..Advice please

  • By Pry · New reply April 15, 2014
  • 43 replies
  • Hi! I am happy to find this website. I am still waiting for my Thyroidectomy but I also wanna be a survivor and post it later. Is there any pre and pos-recommendations from those who had the same surgery ...

March 25/14-- cancer free!!

  • By ArinLee · New reply April 13, 2014
  • 22 replies
  • Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for the support over the last few years. Yesterday, the doctors finally told me I am cancer free! It's been the longest journey.. Now to start a family ...

Total Thyroidectomy, overkill?

  • By gritsgrlathrt · New reply April 8, 2014
  • 22 replies
  • Hi I am 33 and was recently diagnosed with a 3cm nodule on the right side of my thyroid. I did the ultrasound and the thyroid scan. My doctor refered me to a surgeon who preformed a needle biopsy. The ...

7 days before Thyroidectomy

  • By Pry · New reply April 4, 2014
  • 17 replies
  • Hi everyone! This is my first surgery, which will take place in 7 days. I am providing ice, straw, pillows, books (because I'll be home 15 days). And I'm also taking vitamin C to help with healing. Any ...

Bilateral neck dissection - swollen neck after 3 years

  • By Ktsang · Posted April 1, 2014
  • 0 replies
  • Currently I am 22 years old, and I've had a thyroidectomy in 2010 and bilateral neck dissection in 2011. So I made a post about two years ago(July 2012) regarding the bilateral neck dissection I had in ...

Cold feet? Surgery pushed back...

  • By F_as_in_Farrah · New reply March 24, 2014
  • 14 replies
  • Hey everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this..I posted recently about my fears of a total thyroidectomy..icymi: I'm 24, mom of 3, no major health issues, no family history or cancer or thyroid ...

Juicing for thyroid ca?

  • By alivirginia22 · New reply March 23, 2014
  • 32 replies
  • Hi everyone first time writer. I was diagnosed with aggressive papillary thyroid ca in January 2013, had a TT with partial neck dissection on 2/26/13. They also removed 12 lymph nodes with involvement ...

The Fault in Our Stars book--Movie out 6/6/14

  • By TFMC · New reply March 19, 2014
  • 17 replies
  • Ironically, my 17-year-old daughter with Papillary Follicular Variant cancer read this #1 NYTimes best-selling book before her diagnosis. She did not realize at that time how relevant it would become ...

Iowa Hawkeyes Coach's son has thyroid tumor

  • By TFMC · Posted March 19, 2014
  • 0 replies
  • dagger/iowa-coach-fran-mccaffery-s-son-i s-scheduled-to-have-surgery-hours-before -tournament-game-233311914.html Today Coach Fran McCaffery's 13-year-old son ...

How long til TT scar fully fades?

  • By UGAnatureGirl · New reply March 18, 2014
  • 26 replies
  • I had a total thyroidectomy on June 12, 2013 after discovering Hashimoto's and potential cancer (indeterminate FNA). Fortunately, the post-surgery biopsy of my thyroid showed no cancer, and no further ...

Double vision after TT & RAI?

  • By farmchic · New reply March 18, 2014
  • 11 replies
  • Hi all. I'm 27, had a TT 1/27/14 for PTC, RAI 2/27 as lymph nodes were positive for papillary; rest of the body was clean. 6 days after RAI I started having double vision in the afternoon and my left ...

rock hard lymph nodes in neck lymphoma?

  • By nothingsunbeatable · New reply March 14, 2014
  • 17 replies
  • Hi guys found rock hard lumps in neck along with big thyroid nodule going for ultrasound next week. When thyroid cancer spreads to the lymph nodes can they become rock hard? I have a a whole lot of symptoms ...

scared to death!

  • By nothingsunbeatable · New reply March 13, 2014
  • 11 replies
  • Sorry to b graphic but im shitting my pants. Im a 24yo male who has experienced numerous symptoms but have done nuffin about it til now. About a year and half ago i lost 40 pounds in 2 months my doctor ...

Calcium + VitaD Supplements

  • By MelKStone · New reply March 10, 2014
  • 30 replies
  • I've been on Calcium & Vitamin D supplements since my TT was removed for Papillary Cancer in August 2012. My Endocrinologist has me taking 2000mg of TUMS and 3000iu of VitaD per day to keep my levels ...

Cold and tired

  • By vdub718 · New reply March 7, 2014
  • 9 replies
  • I'm 29. Papillary thyroid cancer. Had my thyroid removed Radioactive Iodine... All that good stuff. Before my thyroid was removed I was on medication but only needed about half the dose I am on now and ...

About to go through RAI

  • By rick87 · New reply March 5, 2014
  • 12 replies
  • Hey everyone. Im 26, and am 2 weeks out of a full thyroidectomy and neck disection for braf positive papilary thyroid cancer. In about 6 days I will be going through my first (and hopefully only) RAI ...

Hypothyroid 10 years after TT

  • By mckinneyheather80 · New reply March 4, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • I was diagnosed w Thyroid CA when I was 23. I had a regulated Thyroid level for several years before having my children. Since getting pregnant I have not had a normal TSH. I can no longer tolerate any ...

Thyroid cancer

  • By johnnyi · New reply February 27, 2014
  • 12 replies
  • I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last week as per my needle aspiration. Please provide suggestions and recommendations for next steps for my treatment options related to alternative therapies/ integrated ...

TSH and Free T3 levels

  • By AmandaS330 · New reply February 26, 2014
  • 4 replies
  • I had lab work drawn and got a copy of it sent to me today, however, my doctor is off today so I wont be able to talk to him until tomorrow afternoon and I am so confused. This is what it says: TSH3G ...

Side Effects

  • By rachfeather · New reply February 25, 2014
  • 3 replies
  • I live in Australia where it is rather hot. When it does get hot, I have one of my bad days where I feel tired and just generally sick. Any short-term fixes? Thanks ...

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