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After my TT 2.5 yrs. ago I had a little difficulty swallowing. Over time it got better. Then a couple months ago I began experiencing problems again. I'd gone for a check-up and my doctor ordered an ultra sound. She discovered a "mass" in my neck so I was advised to see an endo. Since my last endo was so arrogant and rude, I chose a new one. Tests showed NO cancer return. The mass is, I guess, still there. And so was the difficulty in swallowing and sometimes I choke on meat and my calcium pills. And if I have yogurt, it just "piles" up in my throat until I drink water or some other liquid. I tried switching to mini pills and that helped a little. Yesterday I went to hospital for a swallowing test. According to the test, there was no problem with my esophagus. But the only thing I was required to swallow was liquids and one pill. I'm still having a problem. Could it be nerve or muscle damage from surgery? And swallowing chewed meat is vastly different from the liquid for the "barium swallow" test. Anyone else ever have this issue and did you and your doc come to a conclusion? I often feel like my neck is swollen also. I'm thinking that the tissue my surgeon removed from around and imbedded in my esophagus and vocal chords was what caused this. It was so much tissue, that he had to literally scrape my parathyroid out of it and put them back. I've read about others having this same type of thing so I'm wondering if they experienced some of the issues I now have.

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