Better Day (and ramblings)

Well today has definitely been better than yesterday. After church this morning I got him to do some myofascial release to get rid of the everlasting headache. After that i was able to cook, and even help my hubby outside with cutting up a bunch of pallets that have been sitting there for a few months. We were cutting them up some for salvaging and some for firewood. It was nice to be able to spend several hours outdoors and in the fresh air without feeling like i was dying with exhaustion...
then tonite i got my future son in law brian to work on computer (somehow or nother i had managed to get hold of a rather nasty malware program) and now its running the best it has in weeks!!! So i'm so happy...
I've decided the peach mangosteen green tea is prob my LEAST fav...i finally got around to trying the goji raspberry...its def better than several of the other flavors i've tried...and now i'm being subjected to my hubby watching The Good Wife...Lord help me...

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