A friend I'll always remember

Last week, a friend died of breast cancer.

"RIP Ashley. Even though we didnt know each other that long, our conversations about fighting our own cancer will always be in my memories. The fb posts of your journey were always inspirational. To me, you are forever strong. Thank you for being such an awesome coworker and friend."
-from my fb post .

She was 22. I knew her from my last job, only knowing her at work for a month when I was a new employee and before I had my 2nd partial thyroid surgery. When I came back from my recovery (start of 2011), she had quit. For a year (2012) I start seeing her post about cancer.

At that time I was still quiet about my cancer (diagnosed July 2010) on facebook because I heard stories of people who no longer have friends and family members who support them in their fight with cancer. I was so scared that once I post about my cancer, will I lose friends? Would people stop talking to me because I have cancer??

Finally early this year, April 2013, I messaged her and told her I finally got the courage to contact her because I dont know who else around my age (now 26), people in twenties with cancer. I thought she wouldnt remember me but she did. Once in awhile we would have deep conversations about our life with cancer. Just two girls in our twenties talking about our struggles, being there for each other.

Looking back, I wish I knew her longer. She played a big role in my thyca journey. I looked up to her and she inspired me to be open about my thyroid cancer on facebook. I remember being so happy that I finally posted it online and telling her I did it! oh those happy tears.

She was someone I can talk to. Someone who know what is it like to be this young in life to be diagnosed with cancer. A part of life, where both of us not married, no kids, just waiting for the rest of the life, that 50+ years ahead of us to be accomplished. Who knew hers ended so short.

I'll always remember her....

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