When can I get off the LID diet?

I am taking the large dose of RAI tomorrow afternoon. My bedroom looks like I'm getting ready to commit a crime, because everything is covered in plastic bags and saran wrap. LOL.

Anyone have an opinion on when I can eat regular food again? I had a complete breakdown today when my poor innocent daughter was eating a deli sandwich, and I couldn't.

I'm hoping that at least I can eat a slice of pizza while in isolation. OK, maybe 2 slices :)

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It will depend on you doctor's orders. I was released to eat again after my final WBS, which was 48 hours after RAI treatment. By then, my mouth was dry, I was exhausted and my taste buds were off. I had a bigger dose, though (162mCi). Good luck and I hope it goes well.

Oh, and I wouldn't put Saran Wrap on your laptop or other electronics. They can overheat.

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Hello, I had my RAI today (150 mCi). My doctor never told me to do a LID but I did it anyway. I have heard you can eat normally after RAI but I have also heard it is good to stay on LID for two days after RAI so it does't interfere with the uptake of the RAI. My WBS is a week after my RAI.

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My doc told me 48 hours after receiving the radiation dose as all the uptake is accomplished in that time. One minute after the 48 hours was up, I was stuffing pizza in my mouth!!

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My husband is in isolation now and has to wait til he gets out before he can eat regular again. It will about a day and a half he will be in isolation because he was late getting admitted. He's starved for something normal to eat. It will be 15 days on the lid when he gets out.

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I am on day 18 after having the WBS this morning. I am waiting for the results and then for the doctor to tell me if I need RAI which if I do, I can't get off of it until 48 hours after treatment. I am ready for it to be over!

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I go in for RAI on Dec 3rd, I'm doing it in the hospital, my choice. Just thought it would be easier than wrapping my room in Saran Wrap :-)

I've been assigned a Regular Diet while admitted, but I'll find out more at my consultation the day before...

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two additional days after RAI 131 for me.

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My husband got out of isolation yesterday nov 15 and had to stay on the diet until he gets his scan on Monday nov 18. He was so disappointed because he has been starved to death. So hopefully Monday he can pig out. The hospital food for the diet was terrible he told me.

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I was on LID for two weeks before RAI. I was in hospital for four days in isolation and thought that I would be given an LID diet. However I was informed that I would receive the same food as everyone else (which was disgusting) and so ended LID. Everything turned out well for me as I was given the all clear 6 months later. I guess the LID rules vary from doctor to doctor.

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I am sorry I have to ask but I am ignorant on all of this. I do not even know yet when I have to have the RAI or start
the diet. I had my surgery Oct. 22.
So sorry to ask but missdiva2u, why are all your things covered with plastic?
Can you prepare me for what I have to do in my home to prepare for the RAI? It is only me and my husband now but my son lives 3 houses away. Should hubby stay with my son for a few days after?
That would be no problem. Or is it just don't go near people but they can live in the same house. I have my own bathroom and I have a room where I can sleep. Share every other room.
I am getting crazy with all of this. Thought it was cancer surgery and that was it. So this is a shock.
thanks to anyone who can help.

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It really doesn't have to be a big deal. The bathroom, clothing and garbage are the biggest issues. Don't wash your laundry or throw away your garbage for 10 days. By then, residue is harmless and will not contaminate anything. If bathroom can be left for 10 days, great. Otherwise, you should be the one to clean it. After that, anyone can.
No need to plastic wrap unless you have sweaty hands. A radiation safety person will meet with you and give you your instructions based on your dosage.
It was much easier than I anticipated. I think families that have children in the house have a much tougher time as there are many more precautions that need to be in place.
Good luck! You'll be fine.

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thanks a bunch for the clarification.

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John got out of isolation on a Friday, went in on Tuesday. He came home with myself and out daughter. When he uses the washroom he crust cleans everything down. He doesn't let our daughter. Limb up on him just to be cautious. The nuc doc said he's ok to come home and be around everyone. He told us he wouldn't let him out if he wasn't safe.

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Gale45 is right. The radiologist said I had gone overboard with protection. I suppose if it was 100 degrees outside and I was sweating profusely it might be different. I had just read other posts to be sure everything you touched was covered, and I didn't want to wear gloves 24/7. I also have my own bathroom, so I'm in my own little containment zone, which I will clean myself. The radiologist also said I didn't need to keep the garbage isolated for any period of time.

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Dear missdiva2u Protection is not a bad thing, but please don't stress over this whole thing. I promise you, you will come through this and wonder why you worried so much. This website is the best information backup you will ever get. Stay strong. X

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Hello Jubbie, I think regulations and precautions vary from State to State, my son who is 14 had radiation last Thursday, our nuclear med people as well as the Nuclear radiologist who has done this for 30 years. said that even in isolation the gamma rays go through the walls unless they are concrete, as far as electronics; head phones, ear bugs, cell phones and Ipods do not need to be covered if you are the only one using them you will need to for the next 10 days don't let anyone else use them. Clothes should be washed everyday by themselves (no other clothes from family) because RAI is water soluble. Clean the bathroom with warm soapy water you don't need bleach. Make sure that you have something in the car just in case you get sick for some reason you can't clean it yourself , your car would be HOT for 85 days and HAZMAT would have to be called. LOL. The majority of the RAI will exit out of the body in 48 hours, drink lots of water to flush it out and away from your husband and son until after the WBS then they will release you from isolation precautions and then maintain a distance of about 4-6 feet for a few days. We had to stay on the diet for 48 hours after RAI, then we started the Thyroid meds.
I hope that helps this is what we were instructed you can Google RAI precautions too and it will help you. Good luck

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I am going in for RAI probably dosage of 150 on Monday morning. Inpatient 4-5 days depending on radioactive levels. My nuclear med dr told me I could eat a normal diet the next day. Have been without meds for 6 weeks, was fine til 2 weeks ago then I felt like I hit a brick wall. Started basically a no iodine diet that same day. Gained 8 lbs of fluid 3 says before the diet, very hypo since no meds for so long. This is my 2nd go round on the lid/ nid since my RAI was initially pushed back. I really minded it the first time but this time I tried to not think about food, fed my family my same diet the first week and they liked it. This past week friends/ family have taken pity on my kids/ husband so they are bringing them food they really like. I have stuck to occasionally oatmeal, sweet potato, baking potatoes, salads and blueberry/raspberry smoothies using a little coconut milk and honey. Re: the RAI, I was told my neck will swell, am requesting a shot of steroids as soon as I get the RAI as well as anti nauseau med. I am getting more claustrophobic the older I get so I will be taking Ativan while I'm in the hospital. I'm hoping my throat doesn't swell to the point that I can't talk with my children, husband, family and friends. Have 6 books that I can read and leave behind. Was told room will be wrapped in plastic. Am very nervous. I wish I knew how my body was going to react to that high of dosage. I see saw people get very swollen in the neck/salivary gland area. I have my sugar free lemon drop ready. My dentist also gave me some super fluoride toaster since my salivary glands won't be working right. I will be bringing my distilled water for the first 2 days although I'm told I will resume normal diet the next day. I'd prefer to not resume regl food til after WBS, my drs. asst told me to stop reading things on Internet since every doctor has a different protocol. I'd rather know I did everything possible to make this stuff work as good as it possibly can. I really would be upset to have to do it again. Sorry this post is so long... My nerves are getting the best of me :)

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Here is some important, helpful information regarding RAI 131 I protocol per the patient information letter I received from nuc med dept. at the cancer center where I am being treated. YOUR INDIVIDUAL DOSAGE is within the one of the following divided groups of dosages. Days in isolation and restrictions is divided accordingly and is based on our treatment dose range.

RAI dosages are grouped as follows:
30-99mCi; 100-150 mCi; 151-200mCi; 200mCi or greater
Lower to higher dose = least to most days of isolation/restriction

Restrictions for:
-Time in contact w/others at a distance of 6 feet:
2 days for people that consumed 30-99 mCi RAI
3 days/100-150 mCi RAI
4 days/151-200 mCi RAI
5 days/200 or > mCi RAI

-Use of Mass Transportation is 3, 4, 5, 5 days

-Prolonged car rides are to be kept less than 2 hours, then is 2, 3, 4, 5 days

-Delay returning to workplace if shared w/others, is 2, 3, 4, 5 days

-Avoid close contact w/children/pregnant women (more than 5 min.) 3, 4, 5, 6 days

-Sleep in separate bed (72 inch separation) 4, 5, 6, 6 days

-Suck on sour candy 24 hrs. AFTER consumption of RAI pill (no gum); drink plenty of fluids/empty bladder frequently (wash hands thoroughly, use separate bathroom, men should sit down while urinating, keep toiletries in plastic bag, rinse sink/toothbrush after use) 3, 4, 5, 6 days

-Flush used facial tissues down toilet/flush toilet 2 xs after urination 4, 5, 6, 6 days

-Avoid mouth to mouth contact. Do not share items that contact mouth or saliva (E.g. eating utensils, water, cans, cups, etc). Use regular utensils, plates, etc. and wash separately or use disposable 4, 5, 6, 6 days

-Cover keyboard, landline, cell phone mouthpiece w/plastic wrap 4, 5, 6, 6 days

-Do not prepare/handle food for others 2, 3, 4, 5 days

-Shower/bath daily w/separate towels/washcloths 3, 4, 5, 6 days (I wouldn't share these, nor a toothbrush anyway). You can use same one repeatedly then wash. Discard toothbrush after restriction is over.

-Keep your dirty clothes/towels/sheets separate in plastic bag. Wash your clothes separately. Run washer 2 xs after you remove your personal laundry. (I rinsed my items 2 x as well) 2, 2, 3, 3 days

-Avoid pregnancy for 6 months

-If menstruating, change pad 2x normal frequency, save in plastic bags and hold 2 months before you discard them

-Avoid sexual contact 4, 5, 6, 6 days

*Clean any urine spills w/plain soap and water using a tissue. Dispose of tissues in the toilet and flush. Wash hands thoroughly.

*Minimize any lengthy/close contact w/others for 2-3 days after treatment. Keep 4-6 feet distance between you and others and avoid eating meals, watching TV, sleeping/napping w/others during this time.

*Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily for first few days after treatment

*Do not breastfeed

"Treatment with radioactive iodine (131I) is safe for you and will not harm other people in your house or where you work as long as you follow precautions to minimize any potential radiation exposure to others. For example, small amounts of 131 I come out in the sweat in the first few days after treatment. Things that you touch, such as food, could become contaminated with a very small amount of RAI 131. Such an amount would not harm anyone, but we want to prevent others from any exposure. If you prepare food for your family, you should wear plastic gloves for the first 2-3 days after the treatment. Otherwise, another person should prepare the food for the family. Go home directly”

I was verbally told to:
- Cover my pillow with 2 plastic bags (1 for each side so there are no openings) in case I drool while sleeping

- I am permitted to sit outside, as long as I remain a distance from others

- Treat pets as you would humans (feeding dog)

- Take care when wearing glasses, handling the TV remote, brush, blow dryer, hair product/toothpaste containers (keep separate and/or rinse)

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i had my 150mCi RAI on Nov 6th. I was told by my radiation oncologist that after i took the pills i could go back to eating regular food. So i had the nurses order me Jimmy John's and it was great. I had my WBS the following Wed. and the uptake was good.

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I had my surgery on the 22nd as well. My oncologist has said to avoid people for 3 days and little children (under 6) for a week. Nothing about wrapping things in plastic, but cautioned that if I was sweaty to put a blanket down and sit on that so it could be washed. No sharing bathrooms. Use paper plates, plastic utensils. No cooking for anyone besides yourself. My RAI is either Nov 27 or Dec 2 and I am currently on the LID. HTH, Kris

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